The Sultry Divas of Jazz at Capri Theater

Spice up this Valentine’s Day weekend with a splash of jazz.

Few things in life are as romantic, passionate, and intimate as jazz. At the core of the genre lies genuine emotion and creativity—jazz is the music of America. It’s also the music of love, and the perfect complement to the day of love, which is approaching fast. This weekend, the Capri Theater presents Nancy Wilson and Peggy Lee: The Sultry Divas of Jazz, starring singers Ginger Commodore and Connie Evingson. Both women have impressive histories as renowned jazz vocalists locally and nationally, and will be accompanied by a four-piece jazz combo comprised of Lee Blaske on piano, Bobby Commodore on drums, Tom Lewis on bass, and Kathy Jensen on saxophone.

Dennis Spears, artistic director for the Legends series, of which this concert is a part, says the performances are sultry, sassy, classy, and elegant: the perfect Valentine’s Day combination.

Saturday, February 12, 7 p.m.; Sunday, February 13, 3 p.m.
Capri Theater
2027 W. Broadway Ave., Mpls.