The Wedding Fair Runway 411

Special Advertising Section

Photos by Adrienne Page, Courtesy The Wedding Fair

With it’s reputation firmly in place beside the high-fashion bridal market events that are only open to fashion buyers, The Wedding Fair™ runway show has become the must-see destination for Twin Cities couples and out-of-town couples that travel just to see the show. It’s the largest and most impressive bridal fashion event in the country and has become one of Minneapolis and St. Paul’s premier fashion events.

According to Wedding Guy® Matthew Trettel, “The concept is to bring the feel of New York Fashion Week to Minnesota.”

From Victoria’s Secret to reality shows like Bravo’s Project Runway and UPN’s America’s Next Top Model, modern couples have been exposed to what a true fashion show production looks like. This show is no exception. Twin City Bridal Association has been the leader in modernizing runway shows for bridal fashions. Sit back and enjoy a multi-media experience as you preview the latest fashions from famous names and emerging designers from around the world.

“We have to be hip, energized and different,” says Trettel. “That’s how we’re able to bring brides an ever expanding list of designers who present their collections in Minneapolis.”   

And what’s more fun than looking? “We often have brides come up to us after the fashion show to thank us or send us an email because they so enjoyed the experience. The funny thing is some of them had already ordered their dress (before they saw the show), but because the fashion show is so much a part of the wedding experience, they wanted to see the production anyway!”

Wedding Guy Bruce Vassar comments. “Brides take away more than just a great experience at The Wedding Fair, they take away concepts and ideas to use in their own wedding. One bride actually selected the song ‘O Fortuna’ from Carmina Burana that we used in our runway show to make her entrance and walk down the aisle at her wedding. I thought, ‘Wow! Now that makes a statement!’”

From glamour and dazzling extravagance to creativity and real-life elegance, the fashion shows are nothing short of magical. And it’s a great way to preview the latest bridal gowns, bridesmaid dresses, and men’s formalwear.  

“I always encourage brides to come equipped with a pen, so they can take notes in The Wedding Fair program,” Vassar comments. “All of the gowns are numbered so it’s great to be able to reference your favorite fashions after the show.”