Transforming the House into a Home

The work of a residential architect extends beyond their sketch pad or computer 3D models. They are part of a team of professionals who translate creative thinking into a furnished and durable physical reality. Architects develop relationships with businesses, engineers, material manufactures, and builders to ensure that their clients’ homes are built to a high standard with appropriate interior finishes and affordable utility bills.

Some of the key team-members for the 20 architects involved in the upcoming 2012 AIA MN Homes by Architects Tour are the tour sponsors:

For more information on the homes, which feature these sponsors’ products, visit the Homes by Architects website.

The AIA MN Homes By Architects Tour takes place September 22 & 23. Purchase your tickets today to see how these sponsors help transform bare walls and unadorned floors with no appliances or furniture to elevate a house structure into a home.

—Alicia Liebel, Associate AIA
AIA MN HBAT Marketing Committee Member

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