Minnesota Trendsetters

Our semi-annual profile of the region’s leading companies and their Key executives. Here’s your chance to meet some of Minnesota’s most interesting and innovative professionals—and the stories behind their success.

The fast-changing landscape of educational technology has exploded in the last five years, and Dr. Barbara Bridges, a professor at Bemidji State University (BSU), is on the frontier… >> Dr. Barbara Bridges

Globalization, innovation, competition, international markets, outsourcing, political turmoil, and natural disasters all affect industries around the world.  Today’s business environment is more demanding than ever before, and requires skills, experience, and decision-making of the highest caliber. To succeed you need to understand the challenges, gather and analyze information, and most of all, think critically. The focus of the Augsburg MBA is on critical thinking informed by personal values and ethics… >> Dr. Robert Kramarczuk

Eugenie Lyons has always loved to dance.  When she’s dancing, she’s freely expressing herself, she’s enjoying the music, she’s celebrating life.

In 1989, Eugenie didn’t feel like dancing anymore. Her husband Raymond, a physician who had multiple sclerosis, had a seizure and was left with severe cognitive limitations.

“He was the love of my life,” she says.

Eugenie’s first back injury occurred while caring for Raymond.  She was lifting more weight than her small frame could handle, and one day, her entire body went into spasms… >> Eugenie Lyons and PNBC Physician, Joseph A. Wegner, M.D.

With more and more baby boomers making often irrevocable decisions about their long-term finances, JNBA Financial Advisors is increasing its efforts to make sure Twin Cities investors are smarter about the choices they make… >> JNBA Financial Advisors, Inc.

Metro Urology is a full-service, multi-specialty practice of 20 highly-trained, urological specialists throughout the Twin Cities. The physicians are committed to offering minimally invasive, up-to-date treatment options for even the most difficult problems… >> Metro Urology

Call it a major meeting of the minds.  Joe Crumley of Kane Crumley Law Firm merged with the experienced and effective litigators of Bradshaw & Bryant on May 1.  This merger transforms the St. Cloud law firm into a small firm with incredibly big reach… >> Michael A. Bryant and Joe Crumley, Trial Lawyers

Minnesota Eye Consultants has emerged as one of the premier refractive research and treatment centers in the nation.  Its mission is to enrich each patient’s quality of life through research and innovative methods of enhancing images. Ophthalmologists and surgeons from throughout the world have been trained in revolutionary refractive procedures under the expert direction of its partners and physicians… >> Minnesota Eye Consultants

It’s cute to sing about missing your two front teeth when you’re in second grade, not so cute when you’re an adult.

Dr. Paul Petrungaro understands the issues that arise when people need to replace one or more missing teeth.  A pioneer in the field of immediate tooth replacement, he is one of the top implant surgeons in the world, offering an advanced level of expertise in periodontology and implantology that is changing the way dentists perform implants… >> Paul S. Petrungaro, Contemporary Periodontics & Implantology

Realtor Rochelle Johnson has a philosophy in life that extends into every aspect of her residential real estate business. She believes that maintaining great relationships, giving back, following through, and following the Golden Rule is the key to success… >> Rochelle Johnson, Realtor

Sandvold and Associates specializes in retirement planning, estate conservation and providing cost effective employee benefits for companies.  Since 1986, Terry Sandvold and his associates have been providing in-depth analysis and solutions for thousands of individuals regarding investment products, insurance, and other financial services. The key to success for Terry and his group are professional implementation of planning needs, key products selection and analysis, and proper follow-up service… >> Sandvold and Associates

After having tried personal ads, online dating, and getting set up by friends, most singles get tired of thinking: “Why is it so hard to meet someone I’m truly compatible with?”

Maybe it’s time they try It’s Just Lunch.

It’s Just Lunch, an upscale personalized dating service, is a fun solution to the age-old problem many busy professionals face; finding the time to date… >> Sara Darling, Owner, It’s Just Lunch

A common complaint of many homeowners is not enough storage space.  What do you do when you start outgrowing your house and there simply isn’t anywhere to hide the extra clutter?

You could sell your house and buy a bigger house, which isn’t exactly an easy solution. Or you could simply let Twin Cities Closets Co. help you make the most of your space. Twin Cities Closets are affordable, stylish, and easy to install… >> Twin Cities Closets Co.