Turning Home Dreams into Reality

If you are a homeowner, chances are you have a remodeling project in mind. Day after day you have lived in your home and thought, maybe someday I will fix the chaotic front entryway, my tiny kitchen or make room for a new addition to our family. The homeowners of the upcoming 2012 AIA MN Homes by Architects Tour all had their list of “maybe somedays” and hired architects to turn these dreams into reality.

For four transformation examples, which you will be able to see in person during the tour this September, start in Minnetonka at Home #2 and see how Bob Ganser, Christian Dean, and Ben Awes of CityDesk Studio converted a 1984 home into one which is glowing with natural daylight and newly connected living spaces:

Home 2

Then stop by Home #8 in Minneapolis and ask Todd Hansen of Albertsson Hansen Architecture how he took a traditional layout and gave it flexible, modernized spaces:

Home 8

Next, visit with Rosemary McMonigal in Minneapolis (Home #10) to find out how she focused her client’s goals to re-envision their home with more family living, built-in spaces, and preserved historic colonial charm:

Home 10

Take a scenic drive to Home #14 in Hastings to ask Charles R. Stinson why the homeowners requested that he radically transform their cabin into a contemporary masterpiece of landscape views:

Home 14

Whether your “maybe someday” visions call for minor or dramatic transformations, the architects along the tour can solve your spatial problems from any era of construction. As a future remodel visionary, you have two days, 16 hours, and 16 addresses of inspiration where you can discuss with an architect how they would envision your future home. All you have to do is travel the architecture tour of inspiration.

The 2012 AIA MN Homes by Architects Tour will be held September 22 & 23. For more information, please visit homesbyarchitects.org.

—Alicia Liebel, Associate AIA
AIA MN HBAT Marketing Committee Member