Twitterview with Andrea Kopfmann, @AndreaKopfmann

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Good Wednesday morning everyone! Time for this weeks @MNMOmag Twitterview with our guest, @AndreaKopfmann. Lets begin.

Andrea: Thanks for having me, Joel!

To start off with, can you share a little bit about yourself? Like where you grew up and went to college.

Andrea: I grew up in a very small town in SD called Alpena. I went to college in Marshall at Southwest State.

What did you major in at Southwest State? Did you intern anywhere after college?

Andrea: I majored in Communications – Radio/TV/Theatre. Loved every minute of it! I was going to be the ESPN girl. Ha!

Graduated in 2007. Interned @1013KDWB that summer then @nemerfieger from Sept-Oct. Then went right to @WalserAutoGroup

Lets leap ahead to your role as the Director of the Walser Foundation. What about the role appealed to you?

Andrea: So much! First, the organization and the people. It was a brand new position so I’ve been able to pave my own path.

It was a whole new challenge for me. I’ve never been involved with something like this. It’s been exciting since day 1

That’s great! Explain for people, what the Walser Foundation actually is and how it works? When did it get started?

Andrea: 5% of pre-tax profits from @WalserAutoGroup go to the Walser Foundation. We work with fantastic non-profit partners

Walser has been in business for 50+ yrs. At one time, the Foundation operated under a different name

The mission has stayed the same. Supporting women, children and families here in the Twin Cities

So buying a car from the @WalserAutoGroup helps the driver and the public! 🙂 What groups do you work with?

Andrea: Yes! And anytime you service your vehicle or purchase parts from us!

We work w/ @OpenArmsMN @bolderoptions @UpperMidwestMS @starkeyhearing @mnaidsproject Teen Challenge @childrensMN

SAVE, @2harvest @diabetesMN, Fraser, Amplatz Children’s Hospital and more. Check us out here:

So MANY people benefit from your work at the Walser Foundation! How does that make you feel personally?

Andrea: Pretty proud of the company I work for. I’m just lucky to be apart of it. How does it make you feel, Joel?

Helping people is always a good thing. I’m guessing you attend a number of events. What were some of them from 2011?

Andrea: Ready for a big list?

Many events w/ @StPaulSaints. @OpenArmsMN Moveable Feast & Butterball. Many events w/ @UpperMidwestMS & @diabetesMN

The @CharlieAwardsTC @IveyAwards Glamorama for @childrenscancer Teen Challenge Gala, Basilica Block Party & many more

Lets shift back to you briefly. You’re a local foodie. What have been some of your favorite places to eat at lately?

Andrea: I frequent Eli’s constantly. 112 is always amazing. @SaffronMpls is brilliant. I have a fantastic time @TravailKitchen

Restaurant Alma and La Belle Vie are my celebration spots

And this time of year, I love the ramen @Masu_NE. I can’t get enough of it. It’s like crack.

Super. Well thank you for being a part of #MNMOtv today and sharing some of your story! Have a great week Andrea.

Andrea: Thanks for having me, Joel! I had fun. Happy Holidays!