Twitterview with Elizabeth Ries, @elizabethries

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Good morning everyone! Are you ready to follow the Twitterview of @elizabethries? Lets see how she’s doing today!

Elizabeth: Hi @JoelECarlson and everyone! Thanks for taking the time to check out my Twitterview!

Good morning @elizabethries! 🙂 How’s the morning going for you so far? Working on prep for today’s show?

Elizabeth: Morning is great so far…taking my dog Henry on a shoot today for @twincities_live. @JoelECarlson

Sounds like fun! I’m guessing you’ve brought dog treats just in case? 🙂 To start off then, where did you grow up?

Elizabeth: haha, always have a stash. I grew up in Apple Valley. Go Eagles! 🙂

So you know MN well. 🙂 When did the desire to do TV hit you, and how did you progress to get to @twincities_live?

Elizabeth: I knew I wanted to work in TV from a young age..about 13. I went through a mentorship program at AVHS. My mentor was…

Amelia Santaniello at @WCCOBreaking. She was a great teacher & influence! Went to UW-Madison and did internships.

I had anchor/reporter jobs in Duluth, Green Bay and Minneapolis before getting the job at @twincities_live.

Mentors are so helpful in life! You also do “Dirt Alerts” for @mytalk1071. Had you done radio work before?

Elizabeth: I filled in on mornings at an oldies radio station in Green Bay for a while, but that’s all. Radio is a blast!

Beyond video vs audio, how do you see TV and radio work being different from each other? Why do you enjoy radio?

Elizabeth: Radio is more free-flowing and laid back…and on @mytalk1071 there’s lots of time to chat! plus, no makeup needed! 🙂

I’m lucky to get to do both for locally owned stations

A nice balance of fun! How long have you been on @twincities_live, and do you miss reporting on hard news much?

Elizabeth: I’ve been on @twincities_live almost 3 years. I don’t miss hard news…although I appreciate what I learned thru it.

Besides working together, do you and @EmilyEngberg and @Johntcl of @twincities_live do much after-hours together?

Elizabeth: Definitely! @EmilyEngberg and @Johntcl are my great friends. We love going to see Em’s husband @Dustin_Lee perform.

That’s great! When you have down time, what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? Do you explore Mpls/St.Paul much?

Elizabeth: Absolutely! Mostly through food. Then I work out 🙂 And @twincities_live is the best way to find out what’s happening!

When viewers tell me they did something they saw on @twincities_live it’s the most rewarding thing.

So are you more of a baker or a cook? What’s on your menu for this week?

Elizabeth: Love both! The @twincities_live ate brownies I made yesterday. I’m obsessed with poaching eggs right now…

My sister @JennyMRies makes quinoa, veggies and tops with a poached egg all the time. I need to make that this week!

Great idea! I’ve had quinoa, but not like that. 🙂 Thanks for your time today Elizabeth, and have a great show!

Elizabeth: Thanks @JoelECarlson! It was great to Tweet with you! And for the record…I’m fully Pinterest obsessed now!