Twitterview with Ellen Burkhardt, @burkcity

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Good morning everyone! Thanks for joining the #MNMOtv Twitterview of @burkcity. An assistant editor and #TCCulture blogger at @MNMOmag.

Ellen: Hey all! Nice of you to join us 🙂

So to start @burkcity, where did you grow up, attend school and what did you want to be when you grew up?

Ellen: I grew up in Burnsville. Then I decided it would be a great idea to go to UND in Grand Forks. I lasted a year.

After that, I transferred to the U where I majored in journalism (shocker) and minored in Spanish.

Growing up, I wanted to be a few things: speed skater, vet, hair stylist… luckily, my mom pointed me toward writing.

And for the record, I have no idea how the heck to speed skate. It just looked sweet in the Olympics.

It does looks cool. 🙂 How did you get your first job using your journalism skills?

Ellen: Well, I guess it’s time to come clean: this is my first “real” journalism job. I’m the baby of the office.

I interned at @metromag my senior year, developing my writing/editing chops, getting clips, making connections.

That experience and my witty cover letter convinced @mnmoeditor I could do this job. I’ve been here since Nov. 2010.

Nothing wrong with that! Have to get your start somewhere. 🙂 So what kind of topics or subjects do you write about?

Ellen: I cover all sorts of topics (loons, yoga, bike trails), but my main beats are theater reviews for #TCCulture & travel

What are some awesome theaters that people should be aware of that are “Gems in Hiding”?

Ellen: Oh man, there’s so much great theater in the Twin Cities. In St. Paul, @PenumbraTheatre and @ParkSquare are amazing.

In Mpls: @GuthrieTheater (of course), @JungleTheater, Theater Garage (on Lyndale), all the @hennepintheatre stages

I’m going to @YellowTT for the first time Fri. to see “Glass Menagerie.” You could see a new show every night.

Oh and @theaterlatteda and Ten Thousand Things theater. I could keep going and going. It’s amazing.

Any BIG shows that are coming to the Twin Cities that people should look to get tickets for in the next 1-6 months?

Ellen: “BIG” makes me nervous! I’ll tell you what I’m really excited about: @PenumbraTheatre‘s ‘The Amen Corner’ in May…

@GuthrieTheater ‘Sunshine Boys’ with Raye Birk and Peter Michael Goetz in July…

Summer is kinda slow. But looking way ahead, I’m pumped for ‘Book of Mormon’ & ‘War Horse’ in 2013 at @hennepintheatre

With your diverse writing assignments, any Spring or Summer activities people should be excited about?

Ellen: The new Harriet Island music festival should be awesome. I’m a huge @MinnStateFair fan and can’t wait for August.

Great suggestions Ellen. Thanks for your time and comments today on #MNMOtv. Have a great week and enjoy your work!

Ellen: My pleasure. Happy Wednesday all!