Twitterview with Fatima Olive, @FatimaOlive

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s Twitterview with @FatimaOlive, a contributor to #TCStyle for @MNMOmag. Let’s get rolling!

Fatima: Hi Joel!

@FatimaOlive is Tweeting from a commercial shoot today. How’s it going so far?

Fatima: It’s always fun to be on set.

To start off with. Please share a little about yourself. Where you grew up and what kinds of things interested you.

Fatima: I am originally from Miami FL. I grew up watching my older sister do her makeup and hair and I was mesmerized

I also was interested in theatre pretty early on. Both onstage and backstage.

I even remember doing photo shoots with my Barbies.

in a way I still play with Barbies. They are just alive now.

There’s a joke in there somewhere, but I’ll leave it alone. So what kind of schooling/training did you get?

Fatima: Thanks for leaving that one alone!

I went to college for theatre, and I love being backstage just as much as being on stage.

Creating a character really starts back stage with hair and makeup.

I attended cosmetology school as well

Working in salons really helped me put the techniques I learn into practice in a more subtle way.

The fun part of getting ready is in a way creating a character.

Okay. So do you work for a company or do you hire yourself out to other businesses?

Fatima: I don’t work for any companies, but I consult and do product development on a freelance basis.

I am also represented by @utopianyc for my print and commercial work

Good for you! 🙂 So are there any trends right now that you don’t like? What’s a common mistake people make w/makeup?

Fatima: My approach with makeup is less is more. A common mistake is to not spend enough time perfecting the skin

if the skin is flawless (or appears that way) you need less of everything else.

I also think you need to be open to change.

Just because something worked in your 20s doesn’t mean it’s going to work in you’re 30s

but it may work again when you’re 50……

as for trends right now I LOVE bright #red lips!

Good suggestions! Let’s get to your #TCStyle work with @MNMOstyle. How did the 2 of you get working together?

Fatima: I worked on a makeover shoot @MNMOmag with @MNMOstyle and we hit it off. Katie is fabulous!

We had such a great rapport, and I love sharing what I’ve learned through my work with women.

@MNMOstyle invited me to contribute to the blog. It’s so much fun.

We have a great team #MNMOtv

And @MNMOstyle appears to be making some #BabyNews as well. 🙂 Thanks for your time today, and keep up the good work!

Fatima: My pleasure!