Twitterview with Genevieve Gorder, @Real_Genevieve

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Hello everybody! Welcome to today’s Twitterview with @Real_Genevieve! Let’s get things rolling!

Genevieve: I’m ready

Great! We’ll talk about your work, but let’s first talk about your experience with Hurricane #Sandy. Where were you?

Genevieve: I was in Jersey City during hurricane Sandy….coming from MN I’m a dramatic weather lover, having no power for 8 days and

worrying the walls would fall in…not so fun.

I just feel terrible for all of those who lost their homes. We have a bit of survivor guilt here in Manhattan

I’d imagine it was difficult. Did you learn anything about yourself or change your view of priorities on anything?

Genevieve: I learned that people were very dirty before electricity, time wo tech spent with children is so important, that the art of

conversation is something we should practice more fluently, and getting up and going down w the sun…is pretty incredible

and in the end, helping people in need makes you feel bigger, always

I would imagine so. Are you, your family and your home restored back to normal now?

Genevieve: We are. it’s just helping the shore communities now that are still wo anything.

That’s good! 🙂 Let’s move on to your design/judging work. What shows are you currently working on for #HGTV?

Genevieve: I’m shooting my new show….Genevieves Renovation which is at my own house which will air on @hgtv July 2013

I leave for DC day after Thanksgiving to shoot this years White House Xmas special….@hgtv

I’m also leaving for California in Feb. to shoot the next Design Star @hgtv

Your own house being renovated on @hgtv? That sounds like it would be a very personal show. Has it been?

Genevieve: Yes, it is very personal, very invasive but really incredible to have the time to work for myself

Some judges on talent shows have said that judging and giving opinions is tough. Is it for you with #DesignStar?

Genevieve: Tough? no. But a lot of the audience thinks you’re being mean when in

reality we’re just being honest and doing our job at the same time, trying to help the talent.

How is the product endorsement/support work been going for you lately?

Genevieve: Good! I have a successful rug line with @capelrugs just launched my 3rd collection

working with Mirassou wines, Valspar Paints, and SC Johnson oh and Lowes

That’s awesome! Being such a creative person as you are, can it be difficult to turn your brain off and just relax?

Genevieve: I can’t turn my brain off unless the electricity is out or I leave the country. This is why I need to leave the country.

often, just how I’m wired.

Sure. In the design world, are there any big “shifts” that have been happening? Like colors or styles.

Genevieve: There are always big shifts in design…we follow fashion traditionally

Right now, it’s all about plums, burgundys golds and pewters, very barouque, very over the top castle style

It’s quite heavy, I’m trying to deconstruct and make it feel cool.

To close, what do you hope to accomplish in the next year? Thanks again for being a part of #MNMOtv today Genevieve. Enjoy your free time!

Genevieve: This coming year, is a new life. I’m creating a new home have a new relationship, doing new shows, it’s a transition, a really

Happy, healthy transitional year. You have to go through a couple hard ones to get to the good ones. Time for good

Thanks for having me!