Twitterview with Jamie Yuccas, @JamieYuccas

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Welcome to a Twitterview (Twitter+interview) with @WCCO TV reporter/anchor @JamieYuccas. Let’s see how she is today!

Jamie: Doing well! We’re all in good moods over the new set!

That’s right! @WCCO does have a new set. Have you been able to “practice” getting used to it yet?

Jamie: We’ve been doing rehearsals.

Great! Congrats on your 1yr Anniv of the #wccoSATam show. How has the first year gone for you?

Jamie: I honestly can’t believe it’s been a year! It’s flying by! I guess that’s what the saying is for… We’re all having fun!

You and @Matt_Brickman seem to have lots of fun. In 1-5 Tweets, what have been some of your favorite segments?

Jamie: I think every Best of MN by @matt_brickman are fantastic.

it’s hard to pick a favorite. I also think @DeRushaEats does a great job showing off all MN has to offer with food!

I loved hanging with the @mnrollergirls

I just love meeting new people and trying new things. And Saturdays have allowed me to do that in all kinds of ways.

we’ve helped charities, laughed at ourselves and learned new things. How awesome is that?

my only hope is the audience is learning, having fun and laughing along with us!

oh! And Doga was pretty fun, too. My pup, Murphy, is still zen.

it’s true! I get people thanking me, because we help plan their weekend with new spots!

Dog haircut soon? To shift gears, can you share why you got interested in journalism, and where you first started?

Jamie: Saturday! I always knew. I made up a newspaper, called “The Loon Lagoon.” I’d make my cousins write for it!

I also used to record little radio shows.

then in high school at MGSH, I took journalism with Ms. Caruso. Loved her! She helped me get to the U of M J-school.

I interned @WCCO!

I then went to Rochester, MN for my first on air gig, then Fort Myers, FL. Now, I’m home @WCCO!

Who were the anchors at @WCCO when you interned there, and how excited were you when you were hired in 2011 by @WCCO?

Jamie: I was very excited! Don Shelby and @WCCOAmelia were the main anchors.

You’ve done quite a few segments on fitness.  Do you do much of that outside of work? Do you run/jog?

Jamie: I do! I run or do the elliptical almost every day. I’m going to run the TC 10 mile in two weeks.

I also love yoga, Pilates and walking the dogs. Just don’t get to do those more relaxing workouts enough

That’s sounds like a good balance. Your Twitter BIO says that you’re a foodie. Any restaurant recommendations?

Jamie: My MOM’S. you’ll never get a better food/wine experience! My brother and I have been bugging her to open up something!

I think my brother and I were the only college kids to ever LOSE 15 pounds our freshman year

Kudos to your mom! 🙂 To close, when can people see you next on TV next?

Jamie: Tonight at 5. Photographer is driving, while I tweet. Headed to Danbury, WI for Reena Williams parent’s arraignment.

Alright. Then on @WCCO #SATam starting at 8am with @Matt_Brickman. Thanks for your time today Jamie. Have a good one!

Jamie: You, too, Joel!

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