Twitterview with Justine Hornick, @JustineHornick

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Welcome! Today’s guest for the @MNMOmag Twitterview is #TCStyle blogger @JustineHornick. Lets go!

Justine: Thanks for having me!

To start off with, when did you know that hair and beauty was a field that you wanted to get involved with?

Justine: I was very young, buying box color with my allowance and stealing my mom’s Reynold’s Wrap to color my sisters’ hair!

When did you start to get schooling in that industry, and was that an easy decision for you?

Justine: I moved to Mpls from Green Bay at 18 for the Aveda Institute, and felt at home the min I walked through the door!

It was a very easy decision, there was nothing at a University that peaked my interest! I went with what felt natural.

How long was your schooling, and what aspects of it were you drawn to? Color, cuts, makeovers?

Justine: Aveda’s program is just under 1yr, but went on to do a 1yr. apprenticeship at @rootsalons under owner Jim Koktavy.

I have since done extensive ongoing training where i’ve found the passion for full makeovers! Color/Cut/Styling

It is all-inclusive, each component plays a big role!

So how long have you been doing that kind of work? How did you end up connecting with @MNMOstyle?

Justine: It’s been about 7 years of makeovers at @rootsalons on a regular basis!

I connected with @MNMOstyle when she agreed to let me transform her girl-next-door blonde into shades of sherbet!

And now @MNMOstyle is a red head. Your doing? So what are you going to cover for #TCStyle in @MNMOmag?

Justine: My BFF @MarkatHAUS has taken her full blown red! We share the @MNMOstyle love between us!

This month I’m talking about the best Father’s Day (lack of hair) Gift, Beachy Waves, Hair Sunscreen & Wedding styles!

Okay. We have a little time left. What’s hot for summer, and is @Pinterest affecting what people want done?

Justine: Texture (think sea salt sprays, messy beach hair, curling irons), lots of braids (waterfall, rope, small fishtails)

For color: evolution of Ombre= more blended, think soft dark root, light mid-strand of the hair and medium brown ends

Hair accessories are huge! Headbands, Turbans, head chains, colored barrettes and bobby pins for DIY updos!

Everything I just listed can be found on @Pinterest. Clients are SO smart thanks to it! They come w/ inspiration,

And I have to either say, “yes this works for you” or “nope, but try this… for your face shape or hair type”

If my clients aren’t already using @Pinterest, we download it together and get them up and running!

Thanks Justine for your time and tips today. Be sure catch her with @MNMOmag and the #TCStyle blogger crew.

Justine: Thank you @JoelECarlson!