Twitterview with Kate Arends, @katearends

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Welcome everyone! Today’s @MNMOmag Twitterview with @katearends of the #TCStyle blogging group is about to begin. Enjoy!

To start off with. Please share where you’re from and what kinds of things interested you when you were growing up.

Kate: Hi all – from the chicago burbs, growing up was all about dance, the Beatles & Blackhawks, doc martens and peanut butter M&Ms.

When did you’re interest in design start, and did you major in that when you went to college?

Kate: Senior year of HS i was involved in a riverfront design & city planning project, where i created pencil renderings of our solution.

Soon after, i enrolled in the architecture program at iowa state, where i was introduced to graphic design

How did you use your skills after college, and how do you use them now in your employment.

Kate: After graduation i landed a job at @designcue, which brought me to mpls. i’ve been working there as a designer ever since.

One recent development has been your HUGE following on @Pinterest. What is your follower count, and how did you grow it?

Kate: @Pinterest is a fun medium to play in. i have 870,964 followers total. the most followed boards are fashion-oriented w/ 1,800,000.

i use @pinterest to document inspiration for design, cooking, decor and fashion. i pin daily and use it as my main bookmarking tool

That’s amazing! Lets now chat about your #TCStyle blogging. How did you meet @MNMOStyle?

Kate: @MNMOStyle & I share similar interests. we met through my blog, shared a few drinks and the rest is history. She is lovely.

@MNMOStyle is great. So what kinds of things, topics, will you be contributing to the #TCStyle blog?

Kate: i’ll create posts featuring wardrobe inspiration, product reviews, round ups, plus tips & tricks that i’ve used/learned.

Thanks for your time and comments today! Enjoy your work with @MNMOStyle and the #TCStyle bloggers group too!

Kate: Thanks joel! have a good one.

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