Twitterview with Kim Insley, @KimInsley

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good morning everyone! Hopefully you are warm and inside. 🙂 Today’s #MNMOtv guest is @KimInsley of @KARE11. Let’s get started!

Kim: Good morning!

You’ve probably been awake for a few hours already. Do you ever get used to doing the morning news?

Kim: You never get used to 1:45am. You just deal with it. (We all do when the alarm goes off, yes?)

I will say, the am news is the most fun– in the sense there is more freedom in a 2hr time frame than 30 min.

That’s true! To get to know you a little better, where did you grow up and what moved you to get into the news business?

Kim: Grew up in Ashland, OR. Wonderful little town, beautiful area. College town and a theatre town. It is my roots.

I wanted to witness current events. Graduated in journalism – newspaper jobs were scarce, so I turned to TV

It’s been a great opportunity to satisfy my curiosity. I get to witness incredible things.

I bet you do! What areas of the country have you worked in and what’s one of your favorite stories that you’ve covered?

Kim: Santa Barbara, CA, Portland, OR, Sacramento, CA and the beautiful state of Minnesota!

Fav stories are quirky. One was the 1989 SFO earthquake. Met an elderly woman w/ a 6ft crevice opened near her house

..her big concern was the squirrels had been injured. I like stories where you meet incredible folks of all stripes.

Real people stories off the beaten path. Those are interesting. When did you come to @KARE11, and what roles have you had?

Kim: 1993 – so it’s been awhile. Job title has never changed. No resume padding for me! Duties have changed w/the business.

The web and social networking are now key to communicating w/”viewers”. We have new ways to move info.

It requires constant training in new tech. and also smart ways to do that. We have so many diff ways to tell a story

Getting info on air: iPhone pics and vid, Skype, Apple TV, Facetime, FTP. The days of driving video to station are gone.

How has the experience of interacting with viewers via social media been going for you? Have you made any friends?

Kim: Actually, yes. One person has been an inspiration in fitness. Others have become resources for news and community

I don’t go meet folks for coffee, as you have to realized social networking is vast w/people who have many motives.

I need to set a good example for my kids! Still, social networking HUGE in responding to people, connecting

Gone are the days of the deadline being your airtime. The deadline now is as soon as you can confirm the information

With the time that you work, you have a unique schedule. What kinds of things do you like doing when you have time off?

Kim: Downtime? Not w/kids! I do enjoy whatever workout time I can get. Lately reading by the fireplace. Cooking for sure!

I would love to travel more. I love taking my kids places we’ve never seen.

What are you currently reading, and what kinds of books do interest you? Have you heard of

Kim: I just finished “Code Verity” — great spy novel in WWII era. Unpredictable. I have too many unfinished books!

Haven’t used  Will try! I liked “Wild” by Cheryl Strayed. Also “Under The Tuscan Sun Cookbook”

Have you read “The Swerve: How the World Became Modern” – I love history that takes a deeper look. Another perspective.

I haven’t. You mentioned that you liked to cook. What are your specialties, and where do you like to go when you eat out?

Kim: Love making soup and pastas. I have a good rigatoni with italian sausage. I’m a Pinterest nut. Great things to try!

Places to eat — haven’t hit the new, hip places in the cities. I know. Sad me. We usually take the family out ..

so visits to Biaggi’s , Spasso. Splurge at Pittsburgh Blue. Will always love Broder’s in SW Mpls.

You like your pastas. 🙂 The time went by too quick today, but thanks for being a part of #MNMOtv and sharing some of your life!

Kim: You are very welcome! Thank you and have a great day!