Twitterview with Leah McMullen, @BlackjoveStyle

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

How’s everybody doing today? Let’s talk about clothes and style with Leah McMullen of @BlackjoveStyle to get things going!

To start off, tell us a little bit about your background and your experience in fashion Leah.

Leah: I’ve worked in small boutiques for over 7 years. I love that clothes can completely change a person’s confidence.

Good to know. So how did you and Carrie Erickson meet, and what made you decide to do fashion consulting for men?

Leah: I met Carrie at a coffee shop that she owned. We bonded over our addiction to caffeine and clothes.

The guys are so fun to work with, and we’d see such a huge boost in confidence, which is our favorite part!

When did you open and where are you located for people to come visit you?

Leah: We started in 2011, and we bring our services to you. No brick and mortar = keeps us affordable for our guys!

Do your clients have a general idea of what they’re looking for when they come to you, or do they just need help?

Leah: For the most part, they just need help! That’s why we do free consultations, so we can get find out what they are like.

When it comes to what men like and will actually wear, what are some trends that you are noticing right now?

Leah: They’re wearing raw denim, slimmer cuts (and they are looking hot). The ladies love men with well fitted clothes!

Besides looking good for work, what are some other occasions that men should consider dressing well for?

Leah: Dates!!! We have a serious soft spot for guys looking for love in the dating scene!

So if guys are looking for some help, what’s the best way to get in touch with you and Carrie?

Leah: Email (! Facebook (! Tweet! Or a Carrier Pigeon 😉

Good to know! Thanks for your time and Tweets today Leah. All the best to you and Carrie in helping men look great!

Leah: Thank you for having us…send all the men our way (to dress, I mean)!