Twitterview with Lindsey Seavert, @LindseySeavert

Friday, March 29, 2013

@LindseySeavert is a native Minnesotan and started reporting locally for @WCCO and now reports for @KARE11. She also is a busy mom!

Lindsey: I am all of those things. And I am beginning this Twitterview with a toddler insisting to be on my lap!

Juggling and Tweeting then. 🙂 What made you want to become a storyteller?

Lindsey: I love to offer people a voice, words come easily and you have the ability to educate, inspire, evoke emotion.

Creation and development are important. Did you have some on-the-job mentors along the way?

Lindsey: Yes, owe so much to peers who made tv storytelling a craft. @boydhuppert has been an incredible mentor

Being a good storyteller is important, and you also have to know your audience. What do Minnesotans like?

Lindsey: MNs are a sharp bunch. They don’t tolerate sensationalism, demand quality. We have engaged, educated news consumers

Our viewers see through a weak report and aren’t afaid to tell you. They hold us accountable. We work for the public.

With large cities as well as a large rural area, is balance also important in the types of stories covered?

Lindsey: Balance is paramount. Have to remember this vast state, avoid being “Cities” centric, and showcase diverse groups.

As a working mom, what kinds of things do you juggle with to get “everything done” each day?

Lindsey: Voice in my head! Honestly, feel like I come up short often. Story ideas, deadlines, housework, boy and hub to love

Try to remember I’m doing my best. Try to forgive myself. I take longer to return emails, floors aren’t as clean.

Are there any Apps, organizing tools or strategies that you use to help to keep things scheduled?

Lindsey: No, anyone have suggestions? I use Outlook calendar. My mind used to be enough, but I can’t keep it straight anymore!

Thank you very much for your time and comments today for #MNMOtv. When can people see you on @kare11 again?

Lindsey: Just started my weekend w Fri/Sat off, but I’ll be back Sunday at 10pm. M-Th for 5/6pm. Thank you so much.

Thank you for your thoughtful questions and devotion to the Twitterverse. #MNMOtv Have a beautiful weekend!