Twitterview with Lori Barghini, @LoriJulia

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Good morning everyone on this #WetSnowWednesday in MN! Today’s #MNMOtv guest is Lori of @LoriJulia. Lets find out more about her!


Welcome @LoriJulia! Thanks for joining #MNMOtv today. To start off with Lori, where did you grow up and go to school?

Lori: Air Force brat but Bk to Duluth East (go greyhounds) & UMD (go bulldogs) for college! Japan phillipines, Michigan other places

I forgot hastag. I’m used to talking rather than two way tests. I have been a one way tweeter only!

You’ll get the hang of it. 🙂 What did you major in when you were in college, and what was your first job out of school?

Lori: Majored in communications!! Minored journalism & psychology …spring break trip director daytona beach 1st job after college

That sounds about right! 🙂 When then did you first meet and connect with Julia? When did you both have a radio show?

Lori: Met Julia in ’92 at carlson con’s (co-workers) so 20 yrs of friendship. This yr “)…married her brother 7 yrs later.

In June we are celebrating 10yrs on air! We are smart & lucky.

Is it easier when you know your co-host so well?

Lori:We became fast friends at work (ski “work” trip!, marry her brother) so after 20 yrs of amazing friendship we’re sister’s!

You and Julia cover a lot of celebrity gossip, fashion and award show news. Has the quality of the shows dropped to you?

Lori: There are so many shows but we have fav.’s….Wish morning Tv wasn’t getting more into that arena tho!

Adore adore fashion police on E! It’s must watch. Joan rivers is having the last red carpet laugh! Love that!

If you could be ANY celebrity for a day, who would you like to be and why? Be nice! 🙂

Lori: I would be angelina (brad,beauty,6 kids only 1 day). Julia would be aniston,Sandra bullock or jlo (dep on mood!)

Thanks Lori for your time and comments today on #MNMOtv! You’ve learned something NEW today too. 2-way Tweeting! 🙂

Lori: Thank you but my hand is sore from all this two way!!!