Twitterview with Maria Driscoll of @ParkaMpls

Friday, April 12, 2013

Hello to everyone in snow covered Minnesota! Today’s guest is Maria Driscoll of @ParkaMpls, an appropriate Twitter handle for today!

Maria: Yeah it’s snowy. I can’t tell if it’s Christmas or the worst/best April fools joke ever played.

In addition to handling the Twitter account, what else do you do there Maria?

Maria: I’ve worked with @DogwoodCoffee for about 3 years and was excited to see them expand with Rustica and @Victory_44

I love coffee so I have been working the AM, meeting new people and preachin’ the good word of coffee.

Not to mention we have just started serving a stellar breakfast at 9!

Share how the concept of Parka came about and when it was that you opened the doors to the public?

Maria: It is a collaboration with @DogwoodCoffee @Victory_44 #Rustica all of which put a lot of effort and passion into their crafts

creating a space that highlight each one of our strengths and skills.

We had a soft opening for friends and family then got the ball rolling pretty quick about the end of January.

Any thought behind choosing Longfellow neighborhood as the area to
open in?

Maria: Longfellow is such a great up and coming neighborhood where businesses around us share
like-minded views

@ForageModern_MN was nice enough to let us be roommates and also helped furnish our dinning room with local designers

having met quit a few people from the area, its safe to say we are all excited to see this neighborhood grow

For people that don’t know, what’s your address and hours of operation?

Maria:  Tuesday-Friday 7-10 and the kitchen is open from 9-3 and 5-10. Weekends 8-10 with the kitchen having the same hours.

the address is 4021 East Lake Street where I will be workin’ the coffee and breakfast crowd!

What element from @DogwoodCoffee @Victory_44 and #Rustica are on the menu?

Maria: I think @DogwoodCoffee #Rustica and @Victory_44 can all be seen quite well in our desserts.

From Coffee and Doughnuts to Cookies and Bars.

Pastries and bread from our dear #Rustica each day. As well as @DogwoodCoffee used in various meat rubs, mustards etc,

@Victory_44 Chef brings his talent and flare to the trational Midwestern home cookin’

Since you mentioned it earlier, what are some of your most popular breakfast options on the menu?

Maria: the biscuits and gravy are to die for (I just love gravy). Also the Benedict is amazing with a yuzu kosho Hollandaise

Ants on a log french toast with #Rustica ‘s multigrain bread (delicious)

Oh! and I almost forgot- Breakfast Fries! french fries topped with a couple fried eggs and dressed in delicious gravy

What’s popular at lunch time, or right about now for some people? 🙂

Maria: We have a really amazing Kale salad with baked kale, roasted grapes, compressed apples, sprinkled with a bit of chevre

Mom’s Meatloaf Sandwich a great lunchtime meal. It comes with a cute basket of fries and icebox pickles.

My favorite- the Hot Beef. Set on toast, brown butter mashers, melted leeks, topped with gravy and fried leeks. YUM!

or you can take it easy with a bowl of onion soup or a tempura battered shrimpwich.

For your evening crowd, what drink options do you offer to your customers?

Maria: We have @indeedbrewing on tap with Day Tripper, Midnight Ryder, and the current seasonal Burr Grinder

Burr Grinder is a collaboration with @DogwoodCoffee and @indeedbrewing to create this unique coffee beer

We also have red and white wines some of which are from here in the Midwest. And of course bottled beer.

We have a few larger bottled beers that are great for sharing!

To end today, in the length of 1 Tweet, why should people come and check out your place?

Maria: One stop Midwest shop, minus Nana’s ugly sweatshirts. Great coffee, bread, and food…the people aren’t so bad either.

Thanks Maria for your time and comments today! Have a good weekend.

Maria: No problem. Thank you! Hope to see you in soon.