Twitterview with Mike Day, Sr. VP, @sciencemusuemMN

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Welcome everyone! Today’s @MNMOmag Twitterview is with Mike Day, Sr. VP at the @sciencemusuemMN. Lots of learning to do!

Mike: Very excited to do a Twitterview!

To start off with. How long has the museum been around, and how long has it been in its current location?

Mike: The Science Museum was founded in 1907 (105 yrs old) as the Saint Paul Institute of Science and Letters.

We opened the current, state-of-the-art museum facility in 1999.

Wow! Time flies. In addition to the Pirates exhibit, what other things can people see and so at the museum?

Mike: The #Omnitheater is showing the film Under the Sea and 8 acres of indoor science fun.

What are the hours at the museum for visitors to come and what is the cost to them?

Mike: I am really enjoying this @JoelECarlson Great questions!

Our hours & ticket prices vary so we recommend visiting & to buy tickets to #MNpirates

The best deal for admission is to be a members of the museum #MNMOtv #MNpirates

If you plan on visiting #MNpirates, take advantage of less crowding in the exhibition during the weekdays or Thurs/ Fri p.m.

Lets get to the “Real Pirates” exhibit. What’s the process in getting a special exhibit like this to come to MN?

Mike: If you plan on visiting #MNpirates, take advantage of less crowding in the exhibition during the weekdays or Thurs/ Fri p.m.

We are always working to bring unique exhibits. We are on the “A-list” for our ability to care for & display important artifacts.

An “A-List” museum. That’s great! What are some of the special pieces in the exhibit that people should look for?

Mike: Thousands of gold and silver coins last touched by pirates. Cannons, pistols, swords and best of all- REAL PIRATES

We have a cadre of actors who have researched actual pirates, their dress & their language & assume their persona in the #MNpirates

Sounds like some great planning was done! 🙂 How long should people plan on average to go through the exhibit?

Mike: Most people spend 90 min to 2 hrs but totally depends on how much time you want to spend immersing yourself in the #MNpirates

Plus, spending an hour to see Under the Sea in the #Omnitheater of course

What’s the story behind the #MNpirates exhibit, and is it kid-friendly for say toddlers and young children?

Mike: Is a fun exhibit for the whole family. We see all ages fascinated by this from preschoolers on up.

Families report their 3, 4 & 5 year-olds LOVE #MNpirates, meeting the real pirates & watching the Under the Sea #Omnitheater film

Good to know. What parts of the world were the various pieces on display discovered?

Mike: #MNpirates artifacts include art from West Africa, gold from Bolivia and coins from all over the old and new world.

The ship was built in London, traveled through Caribbean and Atlantic ocean.

Interesting. What are some of the myths that this exhibit helps to overcome?

Mike: This is not pirate movie fantasy. It’s very authentic & fascinating stories & stuff from the real pirates of the golden age of piracy

Pirate myths: Walking the plank. First featured in the ‘Peter Pan’ play.

Pirate facts: Capt. as a dictator?! No way, pirates actually operated on a fairly democratic system of government.

Sounds like a great exhibit that everyone should see. To close, how long is it there until?

Mike: Is a must-see. It’s at the museum through Labor Day, Sept. 3. Save time, reserve at

Good to know! Thank you very much for your time and for all that you shared today on #MNMOtv. Have a great day!

Mike: Thanks @JoelECarlson. You too and visit us again!