Twitterview with Molly Herrmann & Tracy Morgan, owners of the @KitchenInTheMkt

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Welcome #MNMOtv followers! Today’s Twitterview is with Molly & Tracy, owners of the @KitchenInTheMkt. Lets roll!

Molly & Tracy: Morning @JoelECarlson – thanks for having us!

Great! To start off, what kind of experience do you both have that made starting this business a no-brainer?

Tracy: Molly owns a catering biz that’s been @MidtownGlobal for 4.5 yrs in the prior version of KITM…so we knew the shared space worked

I (Tracy here) do biz dev/mktg consulting + worked with Molly and MGM on their strategic growth plans; lots of oppty here.

and we share a passion for food, entertaining…and wine.

(from here out, we’ll start with T or M so you know who’s talkin’)

That makes sense. For those unfamiliar with your kitchen concept, can you explain what you offer?

Molly: We are a shared commercial kitchen space., cooking school and small kitchen wares shop. In a nutshell….awesomeness. 😉

Our shared kitchen space houses 24 different businesses (caterers, food trucks + food mfgrs) that do not need space full time.

Could you handle more food trucks/caterers at this time? Paying for space & time I’d assume?

Molly: We can most definitely welcome more caterers + food mfgrs! Food trucks are full at the moment, but we have a waiting list.

Tracy: To clarify, our lease is based on days of use in the kitchen, not hourly. So, the rent reflects avg # of days needed per month

It’s good to be busy! 🙂 What kinds of classes are offered, and have you done any cookbook launch events?

Tracy: We ARE busy! We have scheduled cooking classes avail to anyone who wants to register ( as well as Private.

Private classes are great for corp team building, bachelorette/bridal parties, bday parties for kids + adults. They’re hoppin’!

We’re a little unique as about 95% of our classes/events are hands-on IN the commercial kitchen. A unique experience for guests.

People love to jump in here, grab an apron and commercial-sized pot and crank up the BTUs. Makes for a fun, interactive event.

And we’ve been lucky to host some of the best resto chefs in the cities – JD Fratzke was just here last night! #chefsnightoff

Indeed, cookbook authors @FoodforMyFamily + @michaelnatkin recently launched books here w us – love that!

The talented @FreshTartSteph of #TCTaste has also been involved with some classes too! Are beginners welcomed?

Molly: We encourage all levels of skill..the only requirement is to have fun! (And not chop off your fingers)

Tracy: @FreshTartSteph + @ScottPampuch are doing a great series called #provisions w us. Learning to “manage the bounty” in tasty ways.

What are some of the dishes that people have been taught how to make? Do you sell food from your space?

Molly: Well, we’ve made everything from curry to artic char noodles with Chef Michael DeCamp @youngchef2!

Our most popular class is Cooking the Market. We tour @MidtownGlobal and make up dinner on the spot w/ ingredients available.

It’s always an adventure with the Cooking the Market class!

We have a small selection of rotating food items; we just got in some fermented pickles from one of our tenants!

Good to know! What are some of the upcoming classes focusing on? Is expansion possible? St. Paul?

Tracy: Classes coming: #cookthemarket, #chefsnightoff (super fab fall sched!), #wineoclock run each month + lots of others. check site!

Expansion. great question…possible, hopefully, maybe? we’ve definitely got some big ideas cooking….

@KitchenInTheMkt Is located in the @MidtownGlobal market. What are your general hours of operation?

Tracy: Our hours vary a bit due to classes/events but generally 10am-6pm M-Th + Sa. 10-8 Fri. 11-6 Su. Sometimes later.

Thank you both (Molly & Tracy) for your time today and for offering a great service to the community!

Molly & Tracy: Thank YOU both @MNMOmag @JoelECarlson – always a pleasure to tweet with you!

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