Twitterview with Natalie Kane, @Natalie_Kane

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Hello @Natalie_Kane and to everyone following #MNMOtv today. Welcome! Let’s get things rolling and find out what’s new with Natalie.

First things first. Is there some special jewelry that you’re wearing now? When did you get it?

Natalie: Yes, very special! @pedernyhus and I got engaged on March 23rd. The wedding is in April.

Congrats to you and to @pedernyhus! How did he propose to you, and how are the wedding plans going?

Natalie: Thank you! Our first date was really epic. He reenacted it and proposed about halfway through in Rice Park.

It was hugely romantic and there were lots of tears! Wedding planning is going really well. So far, it’s been easy!

@pedernyhus and I tag team just about everything in life, so we have been doing it all together.

(Good man @pedernyhus!) Are you somebody that always had a plan of what their wedding would be/look like?

Natalie: He is! Nope, no idea. We were stumped at 1st. We figured it out pretty quickly, tho. We are heading to Palm Springs…

…for an Old Hollywood-style wedding. Our main goal is for people to have fun! We are focusing on personal touches.

Sounds stylish and fun! All the best to you over the next few months! 🙂 Shifting gears. What do you do at @wcco?

Natalie: Thank you! I’m a reporter/anchor. I primarily cover traffic, entertainment and health. We are on weekdays 4:30-7 am.

Which has been the toughest to learn: geography (traffic), names (entertainment) or terms (health) for you?

Natalie: Haha! That’s a great question. Love it. Well, I’m from MN so the roads were easy.

I look to the experts for the health stuff. I’d say the hardest of the 3 choices you gave is pronouncing celeb names.

Especially the names of their children. They are wild these days! Whatever happened to names like Sarah and John?!

I bet, especially when NEW people come on the scene. What other gigs are you currently working on, w/free time? 🙂

Natalie: Not a lot right now! I’m still on @fsnorth and @BTN_Minnesota reporting on Gopher football and basketball.

I’ve also been filling in on @wccoradio occasionally. I LOVE working with them. Other than that, just spending time…

with family and friends. I spend a lot of time missing my sister, bro-in-law and Godson, tho! They’re on a mission trip.

I bet you do. 🙂 Lets get to another topic that you enjoy, FASHION. What stores have been catching your eye lately?

Natalie: Always, always Covered Uptown @coveredgirls. They are the best in town. My sister just graduated w/ a degree…

…in biz & fashion. She started working at @nordstrom. Gina styles me a ton. She’s really great working w/ a budget.

I’m also a sucker for @shopbop

Do you typically know what you’re looking for? Do you prefer to shop alone or in a group? Liking Fall/Winter boots?

Natalie: Ha! I actually do like to shop alone. I’m always looking for flattering on-air clothing, which is a challenge.

I looooooooooove boots – anytime of year. 🙂

Thank you so much for your time and comments today Natalie. You bring a genuine spirit to TV.

Natalie: Thank YOU, Joel! That was a fun interview. You’re a blast. Keep in touch, and thanks for thinking of me!

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