Twitterview with Nate Beck of @Nate_Dogs

Monday, May 21, 2012

Good afternoon everybody! Today’s @MNMOStyle Twitterview guest is Nate Beck of @Nate_Dogs. So lets get rolling!

Nate: Great! Thanks Joel.

To start off with Nate, how are you and your cart? There was some kind of an incident this weekend right?

Nate: I’m fine & the cart seems to still work fine. It’s got a pretty sweet dent, though. @wcco is doing a piece today at 5

Good that you’re okay. Did you get a license plate No. or a description of the car? Twitterville can help! 🙂

Nate: Unfortunately no lic. plate. It was a black, two door sedan. Early 2000’s. Maybe a Cadillac STS.

Moving forward, what gave you the idea to start a food cart in Minneapolis?

Nate: It was a way I could do a food biz and still pay cash. I have really enjoyed the cart. It lets me be able to really interact…

with customers!! It’s the part of retail sales I really liked. I didn’t want to be back in the kitchen. As you know, I like to talk!

With a VERY personable and friendly disposition I might add! 🙂 So how did you choose hot dogs, and how are yours unique?

Nate: Thanks! Skin-on wieners are my absolute favorite food. No contest. Plus, if people liked my condiments I could bottle and sell em.

Mine are unique in that they are all-pork, skin-on and all natural.(no hormones or junk!)Locally sourced from Pastures A Plenty.

Which flavors/types of wieners do you always have on hand, and what are some of the more uniquely blended ones?

Nate: I have an uncured, smoked wiener and brat. They are both very balanced and not overly salty like so many dogs.

Also, I plan to try and feature a new sausage from other local butchers every few weeks. Also using local, natural meats.

I am going to maybe start with a chicken or lamb sausage still made in the smaller wiener casing to keep them unique

They’re VERY tasty! Did it take you awhile to find the right sources for the quality of wieners that you wanted to offer?

Nate: THANKS! It took me about six months to find the right one. 8 butchers/farms and 12 wiener choices later I had the winner.

You also now have a personally branded condiment available. Can you share what it is and wear people can get some?

Nate: Sure! It’s signature “Honey-Spiced Mustard” It can be purchased from my cart/website & a couple stores –@Kramarczuks @PairingsFW

Here’s a pic:

Super! How long did that take to get from being an idea to reality? Any other flavors now or to come out soon?

Nate: Customers started asking for it last summer and I really got started planning in Oct. I finally got my Ag. Lic. in march to bottle.

It was a pretty long process!

Congrats on the branding expansion! So where can people generally find you and your cart parked?

Nate: Thanks!! May has been crazy with private lunches & catering…

…but next week going into summer will look like: M/W/F St. Paul locations. T/TH Mpls locations. Sat @nefarmersmarket (1/2 season)

In St.Paul, are you at the #FoodTruckCourt? What’s you’re price range for say 2 dogs, chips and a pop/soda?

Nate: I sure am at #foodtruckcourt. It’s great! The special for 2 dogs/chips/soda is $9!! Pretty good deal for natural/local products.

That’s a GREAT deal! Any special events coming up that we could see you and try a dog of yours?

Nate: YES! @metromag Monster food truck rally Sunday after the Saints game. @nefarmersmarket for half the season.

Also, the @loringartfair (8/4-8/5), the Midwest Tomato Fest (7/14) and the Twin Cities Beer Fest at MOA (8/11). Plus more in Fall!

Okay. Well thank you very much for your time and sharing a passion of yours with us on #MNMOtv. Have a great summer Nate! 🙂

Nate: It was my pleasure, Joel!! Thank you do much for having me and letting me talk about Natedogs. See you all soon!!