Twitterview with Rachel Slavik, @Rachel_Slavik

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Hello to all of the #MNMOtv followers and to our guest, @Rachel_Slavik of @wcco TV. Let’s get started and learn about Rachel!

Rachel: Good morning, Joel!

To begin, tell us about where you grew up and how you got interested in journalism.

Rachel: I grew up in Mound. I kind of fell into journalism during the end of my freshman yr. I needed a major and picked Journalism

I lucked out because I loved it! That could have gone horribly wrong

Did any local journalists mentor you at all? Where did you get to intern while in college?

Rachel: No one in college, but very early in my career I was lucky enough to find a mentor in @boydhuppert. He’s become a great friend.

I interned @wcco, @WISCTV_News3, and at NBC15 in Madison

Nice! At what point did you KNOW that journalism was for you? Got any unique stories that you’ve covered?

Rachel: I think I knew right away. It’s a fun job, for the most part. Every day I do something new.

I recently got to hang from a helicopter while flying over Afton State Park. I’d call that unique!

That sounds fun. What kind of stories do you focus on, and are you the primary reporter for @wcco #SATmorning?

Rachel: I really am a general assignment reporter, so I can’t really say I focus on one area. I do a lot of crime stories.

Yep, I am the reporter for the Saturday morning show. But during the holidays schedules are a bit crazy.

You, @JamieYuccas and @Matt_Brickman seem to have too much fun for it to be work. 🙂 Are mornings hard though?

Rachel: We have a ton of fun! No, I’m a morning person. I have no problem waking up early. I prefer it

But only on the weekends 🙂

I get it. So during your #OffHours, what kinds of things do you enjoy doing? (Ex. reading, shopping, movies, etc.)

Rachel: Running, spending time with friends, sampling the many fine restaurants around Mpls, playing with my dog.

When it comes to running: 5k, 10k or marathons? Streets or around the lakes? Do you do any winter running?

Rachel: half/full marathons. I love running around the lakes, but I also run on a treadmill. I read. My nook helps pass time.

What books are on your Nook right now? Do you watch movies at all on it? What #MNrestaurants have you tried lately?

Rachel: Hunger Games trilogy, The Help, Mark Rosen’s book, to name a few. Just tried Tilia. Love! Bachelor Farmer…prefer Tilia.

I do love movies, but not in the theatre. I prefer waiting until I can order them on my DVR. It’s cheaper too.

What makes for a good restaurant to you? On the menu, are you more of a meat or a vegetables eater?

Rachel: Fun atmosphere, interesting menu. If they can make something taste good that I normally wouldn’t eat, I call that a win.

I have to have my protein. I tend to ignore the veggies. I know, that’s bad.

As a runner, you definitely need your protein! To close, what’s 1 thing you’d like to accomplish in the next year?

Rachel: I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon. I need 2 cut 1.5 hours off PB time. It’ll be difficult, but a big accomplishment.

Good goal. Thanks Rachel for your time and Tweets on #MNMOtv today. Have a great day, and get a good scoop! 🙂

Rachel: Thank you! Good talking to you. Have a great day.