Twitterview with Romeny Chan, @RoeWolfe

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Good morning everyone! Welcome to today’s @MNMOmag Twitterview with @RoeWolfe co-founder Romeny Chan!

Where did you grow up and go to school?

Romeny: I grew up in Bloomington as a youth and finished my high school years in Burnsville…

I attended college in Winona for Advertising and English.. Oh, how I do miss the bluffs!

I see. So how did you get into the makeup and fashion business?

Romeny: As far as I can remember, I was really into water painting. From there, I painted incessantly using all types of media…

Later, I made a natural transition into fashion and make-up. Truly enjoy working with faces and features

What then led you to open @RoeWolfe with Ashley Kilcher?

Romeny: @LuLi795 and I have been in the fashion industry long enough to know it was time to evolve…

From being on sets, artistic direction behind spreads and fashion shows, we wanted our inspirations to be approachable

Hence, a “fashion marketplace” – a humble boutique that consults you. We are passionate and just as ambitious.

So your boutique is more than just a retail location right? How would you explain as to what you offer customers?

Romeny: Yes! Our team are all artists and stylists. Every woman is different, so we make it an intimate experience…

Along w/ our high-end collections, we have @BECCA_COSMETICS – and so, we offer image consultations and lessons

Once women know that we embrace the many magnitudes of woman, there’s no questioning our integrity of services

I understand that you are a perfume specialist. Explain how you can help women in this area.

Romeny: Olfactory love. We carry Nasomatto and Boadicea. Men and Women leave here in a silage of sentiment!

I had to make sure our lines were unisex. There’s such an art and intimacy in finding the right scent….

Lastly, what are some of the brands that you carry in womens fashion in your boutique?

Romeny: To mention just a few, we carry: Darling, WinterKate, Love Sam, Darling and Saivana.

Items from Pendleton, Nasomatto and A Peace Treaty are unisex! And, our full cosmetics line : @BECCA_COSMETICS

Thank you Romeny for your time and comments today! See @MNMOstyle‘s article for more details –

Romeny: It was a pleasure!