Twitterview with Ryan North, @ryanpaulnorth

Friday, April 19, 2013

Welcome everyone to the @MNMOmag Twitterview with @MossEnvy co-owner @ryanpaulnorth, Ryan North.

Ryan: Hello @JoelECarlson Hello everyone!!!

How about that weather! 🙂

Explain what moved you to open the store first Ryan.

Ryan: Moss Envy grew out of 2nd store “Twin Cities Green” which grew from our first shop “Re Gifts” It was actually my wife (Tina’s) idea.

We wanted to be our own bosses and start a business that somehow gave back to the world!

#recycled #reclaimed #natural #organic products… a lot of locally made items too. Fair trade too!

Tina and I are actors by trade… we met doing the show “Tony n Tina’s Wedding” together #historyofmossenvy

What was the business plan as to the types of things that you would offer to customers?

Ryan: Building trust was paramount! A lot of people R becoming more concerned about the items they use on their bodies and in their homes

people want to avoid their exposure to toxins and junk… we do the research, find products, and sell them at @MossEnvy

We are a lot like an #ecofriendly department store! A bit of everything! Gifts, decor, kitchen items, baby stuff, furniture…

…building materials, mattresses, bath and body products, cards, purses, jewelry… all recycled, reclaimed, natural, or organic.

 Are products that are #recycled #reclaimed #natural and #organic much more expensive then if they weren’t?

Ryan: Our products can be more expensive, but a lot of customers are very surprised at our value! Eco doesn’t always = spendy.

sometimes buying with a sustainable mindset saves money in the long run. Buy it right the first time!

you also have to look at the OTHER costs. Costs to your body, costs to the environment, the cost to the person who made the product.

Can people bring things to you for you to sell or to use in trade?

Ryan: Sometimes we work w/local artists to have their works on consignment, but we usually like to buy outright. We usually don’t barter.

This summer we are looking for visual artists and musicians for our Summer Arts Series!

Moss Envy has a strong commitment to MN’s talented pool of creative folks! You’ll find many Made in MN products on our shelves!

What are some of the #HotTrends in #EcoProducts globally and at your store right now?

Ryan: During the recession there was a shift away from “save the earth” to “save me.” Eco consumers’ focus has turned personal. But…

when you focus on doing right by your body, you’re often making choices that honor our environment. EXAMPLE: #organic body products!

less chemicals, fewer ingredients, fewer resources being used is good for our bodies and good for the planet!

There’s also a big trend to shop locally! Support the mom and pop shops in your neighborhood! #shoplocal

Happy #EarthDay weekend BTW! This is like a big holiday for @MossEnvy!

For a product to be labeled or branded as #organic, what rules or guidelines are there for manufacturers?

Ryan: The USDA is the biggest “stamper of approval.” But there are others: here’s a link to an article: …

#MNMOtv Here’s another article to learn more about #organic labeling. You have to read and educate yourself!

Online, we use a system of eco labels that help identify what is special about our products: …

Are your running any specials or deals right now? With Spring right near (hopefully), what should people think about now?

Ryan: #EarthDay is on Monday so we are currently running our 20% Off Earth Day Sale thru Monday! Some GREAT deals right now at @MossEnvy

You can find out details on our sale at  #EarthDay #Sale

If you’re shopping online ( ) you’ll want to use coupon code: EARTHDAY at checkout to get your 20% off!

If Spring ever arrives… people want to get out side and staying hydrated will be important! We sell these great glass waterbottles

Glass water bottles are awesome because there is no leaching or bad taste! Here’s a link to check ’em out:

More like DREAMING about Spring. Geez! It’ll come… I’m SURE of it!

People can also start thinking about SPRING in MN by checking out the May issue of @MNMOmag right now! –

In addition to shopping online, where can people find your physical store in the Twin Cities? What are your hours?

Ryan: Yes, @MossEnvy DOES have a storefront! It’s at 3056 Excelsior Blvd, on the West side of MPLS. Near Lake Calhoun and WholeFoods.

@MossEnvy is easy to find! Link to to find us! We have our own parking lot right in front!

@MossEnvy is open 7 days a week! Mon-Sat from 10-7 and Sun from 12-5. 24 hours at

Thanks for all of your history and sharing what people can find at your store today Ryan.

Have a great weekend!

Thank you @JoelECarlson & @MNMOmag I hope you enjoyed learning a bit about @MossEnvy Happy #EarthDay to everyone!