Twitterview with Sara Soli, @ssoli

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Tweeting with @ssoli about this weekend’s #FoodWineShow taking place at #TargetField and @WMinneapolis. Let’s go!

@ssoli is the Exec Director of Marketing & Events at @MNMOmag, so she’s the perfect person to share details about the #FoodWineShow.

So Sara, with this weekend being the 19th #FoodWineShow, is it getting easier to coordinate and plan?

Sara: I would say that we have a good system in place and great team that executes this event.

That’s great! Let first break down what’s going to be there in the way of wine & food options. How many varieties?

Sara: This year @MNMOmag #foodwineshow we have more than 200 vendors, 350 fine wines and 75 craft beers featured.

So a lot to choose from! Is the @MNMOmag #FoodWineShow exclusively MN products?

Sara: No, it is not exclusively MN but there are several to try. Including @mncraftbrew, @CannonRiverWine, @midwestpantry

In addition to being able to indulge in a variety of food and wine samples, what events are a part of the #FoodWineShow?

Sara: We also have wine seminars featuring @WineCommission & the Grand Red @WMinneapolis w/ @parasole

They sound great. For the #newbie to the #FoodWineShow, what would you tell them to do for a good experience?

Sara: Use the tasting notes to keep track of favs, pace yourself, ask ?’s, buy your favorite products while you are there

How about for the #pro, who may have been there a few times before. What should they look forward to?

Sara: Foodwise @WisconsinCheese, @WholeFoods, @UNIONmpls, @redstagNE, @ButcherandBoar, @SEVENMPLS to name a few. Beerwise…

@BrewingCompany, @SchellsBrewery, @BellsBrewery, @Summitbeer, @TravelerBeer as a start +wine – there are so many

On Saturday at @WMinneapolis is the #GrandRedTasting with @T_McKee. How would you describe this event?

Sara: This is for the serious food and wine lover. @T_McKee has created a one of a kind pairing menu that allows attendees to …

truly enjoy the best of @parasole paired with amazing red wines. There will be additional red wine to sample as well.

@ssoli With the #FoodWineShow and the #GrandRedTasting only 3 days away, what’s the best way for people to get tickets?

Sara: Tickets are still available . Saturday will sell out, so don’t delay.

Thank you very much for your time and insights into this weekends @MNMOmag #FoodWineShow. See you there!

Sara: Thanks so much. We hope to see all of you @MNMOmag #foodwineshow. FB and tweet @MNMOmag while you are there!

19th Annual MN Monthly Food & Wine Experience