Twitterview with Sonja Boatman, @Sonjaeileen

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Welcome everyone to the @MNMOmag Twitterview with guest @Sonjaeileen from the @BeautyRoomMPLS. Lets have some fun today!

Hello! So tell us a little bit about yourself. Where did you grow up, go to school, and what did you want to be as an adult?

Sonja: I grew up in Excelsior, MN and went to Minnetonka HS. I went to Aveda to become an esthetician

I actually wanted to be a pilot. I wanted to go to UND in Grand Forks, but then I found the world of spas!

That’s a GREAT world! 🙂 How did you know it was a good fit for you? Where did you start using your skills?

Sonja: In high school I worked in a small spa as a receptionist & fell in love with the environment & work it was so peaceful

My first real job as an esthetician was in Santa Barbara, Ca. We used organic products & I fell in love with that too!

Santa Barbara CA is a good place to start! Did you get good tips? Did you get to work with any celebrities?

Sonja: I worked in Santa Barbara for 3 years, then moved to LA. That’s when I started working on some celebrities

I worked on Montana in Santa Monica & at The Beverly Hills Hotel, which was the greatest experience ever.

I have worked on Jennifer Garner, Pamela Anderson, Melania Trump and Kelly Osborne to name a few. It was fun!

The Beverly Hills Hotel was a crazy place for celebrity sightings! It was an unbelievable experience.

Wow! How were you treated by them? Did they want to talk about themselves or did they ask questions about you?

Sonja: Actually, most of them were very nice. Not too much conversation in general (because they were relaxing!)

Every once in a while a celebrity would be stand offish, but for the most part they were cool.

Was the spa then kind of an oasis for them from the public, or would they get “swarmed” there too?

Sonja: The BHH was know for being very private & protective of celebrities. They always felt comfortable there because they..

knew paparazzi were not allowed near the hotel. We couldn’t ask for autographs & could only address them by last name.

EX. Good afternoon Mr. Buffet. He was one of my favorites!

Do you mean investor @W_Buffett? Can you tell us what he had done?

Sonja: No, I meant the singer, Jimmy Buffett! Sorry, different spelling.

And he didn’t do anything in particular. I was just excited to meet him 🙂

Neat. Lets move on to today. Where do you work now, and what kinds of services do you offer to clients?

Sonja: Today I work @BeautyRoomMPLS on 43rd & Chicago. It’s a beautiful salon/spa where I specialize in facials, skin care,

and waxing. I use an all natural skin care line called @ARCONA_LA which has given my clients wonderful results.

Super! So what days of the week can people make appointments with you?

Sonja: I work T 9-5 (every other) , W 12-8, Th 11-7, F 10-6 & S 10-4 (every other)

The Beauty Room is at 4300 Chicago Ave, Mpls 55407 612-724-4111. I would love for everyone to come check us out!

Good to know. What’s one skin tip that you’re giving to people with the weather we’re having right now?

Sonja: Drink lots of water!!

Our climate is so dry, leaving us with dehydrated skin. Also, exfoliate a few times a week & use moisturizer daily.

Lastly. Got any big goals that you’re targeting for next year?

Sonja: I eventually want to open a small boutique spa of my own. Not sure when it will happen, but stay tuned

Great idea! Well thank you Sonja for sharing some of your life on Twitter today with the #MNMOtv audience. Take care!

Sonja: Thanks so much Joel, I had a wonderful time.