Twitterview with Stacey Meyer, @staceymaude

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Welcome to all of the #MNMOtv followers! Today’s @MNMOmag Twitterview is with Twin Cities artist, @staceymaude. Let’s get started!

Stacey: I’m ready.

Welcome! To begin, share with us a little bit about your background. Where you grew up and your interests as a kid.

Stacey: I was born in a small town in SW MN where I lived til age seven, then moved to Grand Forks, ND with my mom & sister.

I was always a runner and was initially interested in math, science and was going to the school of technology at the

University of Wisconsin, Madison to study engineering.

then, sidetracked by unforeseen stuff and changed plans and decided to go to art school @ MCAD

Interesting. So from engineering, how did you develop an interest in becoming an artist?

Stacey: I know, complete 180. I just fell in love with the romantic notion of being a painter/artist and couldn’t shake

the desire to pursue it.

What mediums have you used to express yourself through art?

Stacey: Different mediums before narrowing your interests down to a particular area of focus, like painting & drawing.

I loved painting & drawing, obviously, but also love photography and film/video and editing.

You and your sister, @FreshTartSteph are both in very creative worlds. Did your family nurture and encourage that?

Stacey: We also have two younger half siblings and we are all creative. Our parents def allowed and

encouraged us to be whatever we wanted to be.

That’s what all parents need to do. So what kind of art projects have you done? Only private, or public ones too?

Stacey: All sorts. Mostly I paint paintings and then try to get them shown in galleries. My work has been collected by

a lot of private collectors, a few public, like Coffman Union @ the U of MN, Twin Cities and one or two corporate


I’ve painted quite a few murals and done a lot of commissions of all sorts and with my own small painting company

and several larger painting companies have painted a lot of restaurants and public spaces as well.

Congrats on all of your accomplishments! 🙂 What projects are you currently working on, if you’re allowed to share?

Stacey: I’m allowed. I’ve just finished a commission for two paintings, here’s a pic of one and I am
working on a series of self-portraits, here is a pic of a detail of one and for my commercial

work, I am currently gilding a bedroom wall for @freshtartsteph and painting some cabinets for a kitchen remodel in

south Mpls.

To close @staceymaude, when you’re not being creative, what’s something you enjoy doing that might surprise some people?

Stacey: Uhm…I like to kite board, surf, cycle, run & on rare occasions ride fast motorcycles.

Sounds like a VERY active lifestyle, and a Mom as well. Nice work! Thanks for your time and for sharing on #MNMOtv today.

Stacey: Thank you!