Twitterview with Teah Strandjord, @tstrandjord

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

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Hello everyone! Welcome to the @MNMOmag Twitterview with @tstrandjord today. Let’s get started #MNMOtv!

To start off with. Your movie, #ThreeWeeks premiered recently. How did that go and what feedback did you get?

Teah: @TCFilmFest screening was sold out! Went well and great feedback. @BenUtecht did a great job acting the lead role.

The @BenUtecht that played in the NFL? How did you connect with him, and how long did #ThreeWeeks take to develop?

Teah: I met @BenUtecht producing a spot for allina helmet safety. #threeweeks took 6 months going on 7 for under 20 min TRT!

Good to make connections like that! Where did the story of #threeweeks come from? Do you enjoy writing?

Teah: The story came from a collection of real-life experiences, news articles, and whimsy. Writing is tough but fun

Interesting. Share a little about yourself. Where you grew up and what kinds of things interested you as a child.

Teah: I grew up all over: WI, AZ, AK, MN. I was always in arts. Music, dance, theatre, and even art metals. Art was “home”

I see. So when did the “movie bug” hit you? How many movies have you appeared in and or produced?

Teah: I did my first nat’l commercial in 2001 & I was a goner. I loved being on set. The lights and the camera and the people.

I’ve appeared in & produced more TV and commercials than movies. So far, 5 movies, 3 of which are short films I produced.

Does MN have a good movie production “network” in your mind? What’s your next project?

Teah: The MN film prod community is full of talented people who support each other, work hard, and make beautiful stuff. It’s a really great place to be able to work with a lot of experienced pros to learn from.

I’m back in front of the camera for a while. In audition mode at the moment. Hope to have more exciting news soon! From there, looking for the next short to write and direct.

Thank you for your time. It’s an honor to be interviewed by MNMOtv!!

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