Twitterview with Yana D of UNION Mpls, @UNIONMpls

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Hello everyone! Let’s learn about the retractable roof restaurant in DWNTWN Minneapolis called @UNIONMpls. How are you Yana D.?

Yana: Hi Joel! Very well thank you. Thanks for having us!

Good to hear! 🙂 To start off with so that people have a reference point, where are you located and what’s near you?

Yana: UNION is located right on the corner of 8th and Hennepin on an iconic Minny location – the old Shinders building!

a block away from @CRAVEamerica in LaSalle Plaza, for an easy reference point 🙂

Nice tie-in! There are a lot of restaurants in downtown Minneapolis. Why add another one, and why a retractable roof?

Yana: To bring an exciting new dining experience to the Twin Cities! UNION is a blend of talent, design, and culture.

The rooftop was our way of bringing dining into the future. It allows guests to enjoy a rooftop dining year-round!

no matter what the weather has in store for us!

What outdoor temp is the “guide” for opening the roof? On a sunny day, does the staff get to wear sunglasses?

Yana: I’d say it’s arbitrary…however, we’ll play it safe and say temps in the 60s! Sunglasses TBD 🙂

The building that you’re in is several floors, what makes up the restaurant, and what’s on the other floors?

Yana: The restaurant is made up of the main dining room, w/ rustic design & decor paying respects to the building history

We have our unique retractable glass rooftop upstairs. And the basement level is Marquee (@MarqueeMpls) – our nightlife option

Good to know.  What is the price range for entrees on the menu, and are any of the ingredients from local sources?

Yana: UNION has an incredible menu. Exec Chef Jim Christiansen brings his talent, passion, & imagination to his hometown

but without any pretentiousness or gimmicks. Nothing on our menu (except for the seafood share plate) is over $30.

Entrees from $14 – $29, Snacks & Appetizers range from $3 – $14, & desserts are $9. Lunch averages in the $12 range.

We use locally sourced ingredients when possible -This changes with the seasons as different products become available

Some local faves include Kadejan Chicken for poultry, Love Tree Farms for cheese & Kalona Organics for specialty dairy

Great! Peoples diets needs have been changing lately. Do you offer any #GlutenFree or #LoCal dishes on your menu?

Yana: There is no notation of gluten free on the menu, but there are options

Executive Chef Jim Christensen will be happy to accommodate to dietary needs.

As far as low-cal, I’d suggest the oysters or salads with dressing on the side…Oh, and water 😉

However, if you’re going to have a “cheat day,” do it at UNION – you will thoroughly enjoy yourself & be glad you did

Wonderful. What have been some of the more popular dishes and desserts on the menu so far?

Yana: Some of my personal faves are the Scallops, Cheese Plate, & Caramel Mousse dessert – very popular

Yummy! How is the restaurant for handling large groups or events? Is catering an option as well?

Yana: UNION is a great venue for a wide variety of events, from social outings and business lunches, to private parties!

Lately we’ve seen a lot of young professionals groups & non-profits looking to organize networking events

which we’ve had a blast hosting. We also can accommodate full buyouts!

Sun-Wed Marquee (@MarqueeMpls) is available for private parties, meetings, photoshoots, you name it!

Think of the open space as a blank canvas w/ stylish decor & state of the art sound system customized for any event!

What are the hours of operation, and are there any menu #specials going on right now?

Yana: The rooftop is open for lunch M-F 11:30am-2pm. Cocktail hour Sun-Thurs 4pm-6pm & 10pm -11 pm and Fri-Sat 10pm-11pm

Dinner on both levels starts at 5pm daily. Main level Cocktail hour is Sun-Thurs (bar area only) 4pm-6pm

It may seem a little complicated but you can find all our hours listed here –

We have an upcoming Valentine’s Day 5-Course Tasting Menu so you can spend it under the stars 🙂

Oh, and Marquee Nighclub (@MarqueeMpls) is open to the public Thurs- Sat starting at 10pm.

Thank you for your time today Yana and for sharing some great information about #UNION. Have a great afternoon!

Yana: Thanks so much Joel, it’s been a pleasure tweeting with you 🙂

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