U of M Rarig Center Arena

330 21st. Ave. S., Mpls.


Allegra J. Lingo
Solo/Spoken Word
Writer Allegra Lingo discovers that a small start can lead to a powerful end. Inspired by the music of Aaron Copland, it’s like “Fantasia,” except with words instead of dancing brooms and scary demons. Created by Allegra J Lingo. Ages 14+

First Lady on Mars

Charlzik Theatre Company
Losing the first election to a very popular president, she vows to win the rematch. How? Be the first woman to land on Mars! Audience gets to vote for the winner. Featuring plutonium, cheese curls and Tab. Written by Chuck Beeson. Ages 16+ Adult language

Habitat: A Documentary Theater Project

Rachel Anne Johnson
Spoken Word/Drama
From Duluth: Stories composed by those living in the shelters and on the streets and shores of Duluth, examining the meaning of home. Desires and hopes are revealed when one answers the question, “Where do you live?” Written by Rachel Anne Johnson. Ages 16+ Adult language

Made Up: Confessions of a Counter Girl

La Coeur De Vie Theatre
From Farmington, Minn.: You are afraid. And so you should be! I was sent to fix your jacked-up face. Obey me and I will teach you. Obey me or I will use the Pink Whistle. Obey me, for I am Makeup Counter Girl. Created by Jennifer J Phillips. Ages 10+

My Sinking Ship

Mumble Mumble Productions
Solo/Spoken Word
Stuck at sea, Allison passes the time by spitting stories about ridiculous situations she’s been a part of. Beer fairies, scuba diving with Santa and more! Promised to be the best spoken word in a raft ever! Created by Allison Broeren. Ages 14+ Adult language

The Most Massive Woman Wins

Theatre Unbound
Four women walk into a liposuction clinic—insert witty punch line here. A deeply comic and stinging social commentary on women’s relationships with their bodies. Written by Madeleine George. Ages 12+ Adult language

The Nightmare Man

Entropy Productions
A hopelessly romantic serial killer reliving his past events in order to discover his one true love. Through this discovery he learns more about himself than he thought possible. Created by Matthew Kelly. Ages 17+ Violence, Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

Slow Jobs: Servicing America for $12 an Hour

What Happened Productions
Spoken Word/Comedy
Overworked and underwhelmed? Punch the clock with Fringe favorites Curt and Laura as they relive first jobs, creepy coworkers, minimum wage, office romances and doing whatever it takes to pay the bills. Created by Curt Lund and Laura Bidgood. Ages 13+ Adult language

The Tenth Muse

Elisa Korenne
Solo/Musical theater
R U fringe enough? A lightbulb-eating sideshow performer, a suicidal prostitute and a cheerleading nun were real people in American history. Get more fringe at this musical romp through fringe folk US history. Created by Elisa Korenne. Ages 8+

Two Bowls of Cereal and Some Bacon

Rock Dude Productions
Mahmoud recalls heart-rending childhood memories from tolerating racial slurs to confronting an abusive stepfather. He can’t promise cereal or bacon, but he can promise truth. Written by Mahmoud Hakima. Ages 12+ Adult language


New Plymouth Players
Musical theater/Comedy
A musical exploration of the stories of the world that bind us together. Why don’t we live forever? Wouldn’t that be nifty? Why can’t we be like the moon instead of like a bunch of bananas? Come find out. Created by Michael Sheeks/Sonja Thompson. Ages 8+

Thursday, July 30

5:30 First Lady on Mars
7:00 The Tenth Muse
8:30 The Nightmare Man
10:00 My Sinking Ship

Friday, July 31

5:30 The Most Massive…
7:00 Crescendo
8:30 Slow Jobs
10:00 Habitat

Saturday, August 1

1:00 My Sinking Ship
2:30 The Tenth Muse
4:00 Crescendo
5:30 Made Up
7:00 The Nightmare Man
8:30 Voyages
10:00 First Lady on Mars

Sunday, August 2

1:00 Made Up
2:30 The Most Massive…
4:00 Slow Jobs
5:30 Voyages
7:00 Habitat
8:30 My Sinking Ship
10:00 Crescendo

Monday, August 3

5:30 Made Up
7:00 The Nightmare Man
8:30 The Tenth Muse
10:00 Two Bowls of Cereal…

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Slow Jobs
7:00 Voyages
8:30 Habitat
10:00 The Most Massive…

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 Voyages
7:00 First Lady on Mars
8:30 Crescendo
10:00 Slow Jobs

Thursday, August 6

5:30 Two Bowls of Cereal…
7:00 The Most Massive…
8:30 My Sinking Ship
10:00 The Nightmare Man




Friday, August 7

4:00 Two Bowls of Cereal…
5:30 Habitat
7:00 Made Up
8:30 The Tenth Muse
10:00 First Lady on Mars

Saturday, August 8

1:00 My Sinking Ship
2:30 Made Up
4:00 Habitat
5:30 Two Bowls of Cereal…
7:00 Crescendo
8:30 Slow Jobs
10:00 Voyages

Sunday, August 9

1:00 The Nightmare Man
2:30 Two Bowls of Cereal…
4:00 The Tenth Muse
5:30 First Lady on Mars
7:00 The Most Massive…
8:30 Fringe Encore