U of M Rarig Center Thrust

330 21st. Ave. S., Mpls.

Alice Unwrapped

Nautilus Music-Theater
Solo/Musical theater Teens
Fifteen year-old Alice Bliss is trying to cope: Dad’s missing in action, Mom won’t come out of her bedroom and her precocious little sister just wants a normal family. Somebody needs to take charge. Written by Laura Harrington and Jenny Giering. Ages 12+ Adult language

Bard Fiction

Tedious Brief Productions
Honor. Betrayal. Foot rubs. Shakespeare and Tarantino collide as petty thugs, a crime lord and a pugilist struggle for love, fortune and their very lives in this Elizabethan retelling of “Pulp Fiction.” Written by Various and Sundry Gentlemen. Ages 14+ Violence, Adult language

Comedy Go!

Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions
Join Ferrari McSpeedy as they weave tales of improvised comedy. It’s a different show each night! This is Mike and Joe’s first return to the Fringe since their Punk Rock Thrillogy from 2002-2004. Created by Ferrari McSpeedy. Ages 15+ Adult language

The Hearty Boys in The Case of the Limping Platypus

Joshua English Scrimshaw and Levi Weinhagen
The Twin Cities’ very own sibling detectives tackle another thrilling mystery in this affectionate parody of children’s adventure novels. Action for the kids, wit for the adults, comedy for everyone! Created by J. E. Scrimshaw and L. Weinhagen. Ages 4+


Ministry of Cultural Warfare
A pleasant orphans’ Christmas dinner gets derailed when friends-of-friends exchange verbal blows in lieu of gifts. It’s a banquet of disgrace and squandered potential and sometimes one savior doesn’t fit all. Written by Matthew Foster. Ages 16+ Adult language

The Red Tureen

Doolin & Dingle
Musical theater/Drama
In 1847, Father Padraig Bones returns to Kilkieran Valley, Ireland, to find that truth starves and food is a political weapon. Can he solve the mystery of the Night of the Burning House before time runs out? Created by Kevin Bowen & James Lundy. Ages 10+ Adult language, Loud noise/gunshots

Secrets Revealed: Opera Bob Opens His Drawers

Opera Bob
Musical theater/Drama
Revealing tabloid-worthy scenes from seldom-heard operatic potboilers guaranteed to satisfy
theater-goers, opera virgins and fussy opera queens. Created by Will Graham. Ages 13+

Sideways Stories from Wayside School

Four Humors Theater
Comedy Kids
Miss Zarves doesn’t exist, dead rats impersonate kids and Mrs. Gorf turns students into apples. The creators of “Mortem Capiendum” play in the sideways world of Louis Sachar’s “Wayside School” novels. Ages 2+

The Sleuth Sisters

Harmony Theatre Company and School
Comedy/Sci-fi/mystery Kids
The mayor’s daughter has been kidnapped. The Sleuth Sisters, two brilliant girls from a children’s detective agency, are called in to crack the case. A suspenseful, comic, psychological, whodunit radio drama. Written by Jeremy Roth. Ages 5+

Something Witchy

Partizan Theater
August 9, 1969. The crime of the century. Celebrity victims. And “the most dangerous man in the world.” Sixteen years later, a “family” member wants to forget. But someone won’t let her. Written by James Vculek. Ages 15+ Violence, Adult language

Tragedy of You

Joseph Scrimshaw Productions
A one-man, five-act Shakespearean tragedy! “Fringe favorite” (Pioneer Press) Joseph Scrimshaw weaves the ambitions and tragic flaws of one audience volunteer into a complex mad-lib of murder, madness and comedy! Created by Joseph Scrimshaw and Dennis Curley. Ages 12+ Adult language

Thursday, July 30

5:30 Comedy Go!
7:00 Something Witchy
8:30 Bard Fiction
10:00 Humility

Friday, July 31

5:30 The Sleuth Sisters
7:00 The Hearty Boys in…
8:30 Tragedy of You
10:00 Sideways Stories from…

Saturday, August 1

1:00 Something Witchy
2:30 Tragedy of You
4:00 The Hearty Boys in…
5:30 The Red Tureen
7:00 Bard Fiction
8:30 Secrets Revealed
10:00 Sideways Stories from…

Sunday, August 2

1:00 The Red Tureen
2:30 Humility
4:00 Comedy Go!
5:30 Alice Unwrapped
7:00 The Sleuth Sisters
8:30 Sideways Stories from…
10:00 Secrets Revealed

Monday, August 3

5:30 Tragedy of You
7:00 Secrets Revealed
8:30 Humility
10:00 Bard Fiction

Tuesday, August 4

5:30 Alice Unwrapped
7:00 The Sleuth Sisters
8:30 The Red Tureen
10:00 Something Witchy

Wednesday, August 5

5:30 The Hearty Boys in…
7:00 Secrets Revealed
8:30 Comedy Go!
10:00 Tragedy of You

Thursday, August 6

5:30 Sideways Stories from…
7:00 Comedy Go!
8:30 Alice Unwrapped
10:00 Something Witchy




Friday, August 7

4:00 The Red Tureen
5:30 The Sleuth Sisters
7:00 Humility
8:30 Alice Unwrapped
10:00 Bard Fiction

Saturday, August 8

1:00 Secrets Revealed
2:30 The Hearty Boys in…
4:00 Alice Unwrapped
5:30 Something Witchy
7:00 Bard Fiction
8:30 Sideways Stories from…
10:00 Tragedy of You

Sunday, August 9

1:00 Comedy Go!
2:30 The Sleuth Sisters
4:00 Humility
5:30 The Hearty Boys in…
7:00 The Red Tureen
8:30 Fringe Encore