Uber Design: Desert Pool

There are so many reasons this pool area is well designed. First is the architecture of the cabana area that is proportional to the “L” shape at the end of the pool. The wooden changing room is a box inside the white cabana framed box shading it from the hot sun.

Secondly, notice the infinity edge around the pool? It looks like it is floating in the center of the garden. A great illusion when the pool has to be completely set into the ground.

Thirdly, look at how the stone runs diagonally to the square edge of the pool. This is carried out through the entire garden and pool area to create more of a spacious visual area. All three pools are linked together in this manner.

And finally, notice how even the venting on the white brick equipment building is symmetrical? So much attention to placement creates a simplified and calming presence. Repetitive plantings of large grasses frame the entire landscape blending it into Chile’s Atacama Desert. Want to see more? explora.com

-Barbara Schmidt, Interior Designer and Art Director, studiobstyle.com