Using Texture and Materials to Create a Unique Home

Whether we realize it or not, architecture has a profound impact on how we experience life, and nowhere is that more evident than in the architecture of our homes. Each of us experience “home” in a unique way, and when building a new residence or improving upon an existing one, architects are critical in translating our own sense of home into physical form.

On the Homes by Architects Tour, visitors can experience the different ways in which architects utilized design, materials, and space to create a unique sense of home for their clients. In home #1, architect Charles Stinson, AIA, drew upon the properties of materials such as limestone and cedar to create a sense of warmth through the honey color of the stone and rich, softness of the wood. A sophisticated counterpoint are the walls of glass, which bring in light and let the natural world enter the space.

Wood and stone were employed in similar ways by Steve Kleineman, AIA, in home #4. He created an elegant variation of a prairie-style bungalow using warm woods and rustic stone. Deep overhangs create a sense of volume and mass. Inside, Arts & Crafts woodwork details contribute a sense of history and tradition to the home.

The clients of Eric Odor, AIA, at home #7, shared a love of distressed and raw materials, so Odor introduced elements like a charred fir wall, Carrera marble, steel and recycled oak. These materials provide visual and textural interest and convey the owners’ personality and unique sense of home.

Eric Odor AIA MN Homes By Architects

Home #7 by Eric Odor

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