Vote for Me

Think you know the candidates?
(Warning: This quiz may depress you about the state of democracy.)

1) Of the following, who is not an actual candidate for the Minnesota Legislature?

a) Marcus Harcus
b) Lily White
c) Nate “Honey Badger” Atkins

2) Name the occupation not on a current candidate’s resumé.

a) War-games controller
b) Target maternity-bra model
c) Linebacker for the Buffalo Bills

3) Which one of these bands is not a side project of legislative candidates?

a) Trinitee
b) Wind of the Spirit
c) Nelson Flavor

4) Which of the following is not an achievement bragged about by the candidates?

a) Setting an aviation record (fastest time around the border of the continental United States)
b) Saving 20 people from the 35W Bridge collapse
c) Runner-up in the 1981 Little Miss Sunshine beauty pageant

5) What personal detail unites a striking number of this year’s candidates?

a) They are the youngest child in their family
b) Their last names end in “son” or “sen”
c) Their fathers died young



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