Walk About


Finally, finally, I’m out digging in the dirt—along with 95 percent of Twin City gardeners, to judge from weekend crowds at local garden centers. All of us in manic gardening mode. As always, I resolved to stifle the impulse to buy and try lots of new annuals and perennials. But I still ran all over town in search of the just right colors, varieties, pots, and other garden stuff.

All of this was complicated by an article I read about the wondrous qualities and versatility of moss. Ever since, my husband and I have been pilfering moss from our shady woods (and from the neighbors—I admit it) and transplanting it to our flagstone-paver path. Not content to leave it at that, I’ve been after herbs to intersperse artfully with the velvety green moss. My mission: Find the perfect “walkable” herbs. Pickings were slim at Minneapolis Farmers’ Market, but then I stopped at Tonkadale —bingo. A wall of “stepables,” from sun to shade, at $3.99 a pot. They add the perfect dog-proof (so far) touch.

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