Wall You Can Eat

What if you could grow your own herbs and veggies, no matter how small your patio or shady your yard? Here’s a cool new idea, just in from LA: edible walls. OK, the walls themselves aren’t edible, but they’re popping with the freshest produce you’ll ever taste. Pizzeria Mozza, a Melrose Avenue restaurant, installed a planter system manufactured by Tournesol Siteworks of Fremont, California to create an edible wall. Each  100% recycled polypropolene plastic module (19.6″w x 22″ h x 6″d) hangs on a powder coated rail. Pizzeria Mozza’s 10’ by 12’ edible wall yields lettuce, peppermint, celery, parsley, sage, and other ready-to-eat plants. It also serves as a green air purifier.

Want a wall like that? Composed of Tournesol VGM rails and and their conjoining modules, Tournesol’s Modular Living Wall (MLW) can be ordered to fit any space. With modules available in rows of 1, 2, 4, or more (module greenwalls with more than four rows can be achieved with multiple rails), Tournesol’s  MLW is designed for the restaurant, the backyard, or any place in between. Although some assembly is involved, and minimum modular plant grow-in time is one month, the wait is well worth it.

I haven’t seen any of these locally yet, but they can be ordered at Reinders in Plymouth. Wouldn’t you just love a vertical kitchen garden on your balcony or patio?