Web-Exclusive Pet Show

In the spirit of our December issue’s “Pet Show,” we asked readers to submit photos for a Web gallery of more Minnesotans and their pets.


Congrats to Mark and Danielle Dady and their Cavachon, Gus, for winning the Editors’ Pick prize!

$250 to Pampered Pooch Playground

Posing with your pooch on your wedding day? Now that’s love.

Danielle tells us:
Gus can play dead, shake, speak, roll, bow, and dance.
His best friend is Axel, a petite Golden Doodle!

Photo taken in Irvine Park, St. Paul.


A Selection of Other Favorite Submissions:


Claire Dolan with Kasha,
a Golden Retreiver

Kasha loves to play with our cat! When excited, he’ll jump straight up to shoulder height.
Minneapolis, MN


Jason Clark with Finnegan,
a Puggle

His best move when playing with other dogs is a barrel roll. And he has a great underbite.
Uptown Minneapolis, MN
Worn Out: Play time is over with Finn the champion!


Rachel Prairie with “Dakota” Kota,
a White Lab

Kota is a great bird dog, and ultimate family dog. He looks like a polar bear, but snuggles like a teddy bear!
Plymouth, MN
Kota Kisses


Kevin Masterman with Joli,
a Black Lab

Joli thinks she’s a lapdog, and will try and ‘fit’ herself next to you on the couch no matter how small the space. Also, when she was in the midst of her destructive puppy-hood, she would only chew my girlfriend’s shoes.
Minneapolis, MN


Meg Brudney with Daisy,
a Golden Retriever

Daisy loves people. If she is ignored or left home alone too long, she eats our socks or better yet, lays them on her pillow as a warning!
Minneapolis, MN


Emily Wilhelmy with Lucky,
a Jack Russell Terrier

Lucky’s best trick is “Bust a Move,” when she dances on two legs.
Stinson Beach, California


Alex Huerter with Olive,
a Silky/ Havanese mix

Olive’s a little escape artist. She can climb fences and has even removed her own leash on occasion.
Linden Hills, Minneapolis


Mindy Gudmundson with Otis,
a Boston Terrier

Otis loves playing with his biscuits before eating them. He throws them up in the air, catches them, drops them, and runs around them, and then finally eats them.
Minneapolis, MN
Otis and me at Minnehaha Falls


Tricia Sarinske with Bella,
an English Setter/Yellow Lab mix

Bella points when she sees rabbits in the yard and likes to sleep under my husband’s desk while he’s working in his home office. She’s very sweet and very mellow.
Montrose, MN


Jamie Haskell with Ruby,
a Yellow Labrador Retriever

Ruby loves homemade peanut butter treats and playing with her brother Opie and daddy Charlie.
White Bear Lake, MN
Ruby as a puppy with Jamie.


Shannon Bruber with Skyy,
a Chihuahua/Rat Terrier

When I come home, Skyy likes to grab my shoes and drag them into the living room. She is also a big fan of belly kisses.
Lino Lakes, MN
Snuggle Time


Cassie Potter with Charlie,
a Yellow Labrador Retriever

Charlie is a survivor of blastomycosis, loves to give high-fives, jump off the dock and swim in summer, and especially enjoys climbing into people’s laps even though he’s nearly 100 lbs!
Minneapolis, MN


Jason Faas with Potato, a Boston Terrier

Potato is a sweetheart of a dog who enjoys retrieving sticks in the lake,
keeping the kitchen floor clean of dropped food, and snuggling under the comforter in bed each night.

Lake of the Isles, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Captain Potato kayaking on the Lake of the Isles


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