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Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy The Wedding Fair

“I want to have a tropical theme because we got married in Mexico and now we’re having a reception back in Minnesota for our friends and family.” “I want a palace theme because I have always dreamed of marrying a prince.”

These are just a few of the theme ideas The Wedding Guys® hear from brides. You can bet that your guests will react to these ideas and concepts, either saying “Wow. That idea is so unique and beautiful” or “What on earth were they thinking?!” The Wedding Guys advise theme-happy brides and grooms to remember that whether you plan a theme based around a single color or an entire fairytale, décor elements will either make your wedding look amazingly fabulous or (as awful as it is to say) trashy and cheap.

Color and décor will be the big trend in the next two years and brides will see this displayed at The Wedding Fair™ in the Reception Rotunda, where brides get the latest and most detailed decorating ideas for their reception. What stems from fashion and home interior decorating trends sets the stage for colors at wedding celebrations! Black and white with a punch of color is the new color trend, and Midway Party and Tent Rental presented this trend within an impressive display on January 14 at The Wedding Fair. Simply themed “Classical Weddings,” the color made a big statement. White satin linens were accented with black satin runners that created ‘placemats’ as they ran across the guest tables. The head table featured a swirl motif, also in black and white. This look is similar to the little black dress, it’s safe, it’s classy, and any color will go with it to give it the finishing touch.

Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy The Wedding Fair

You can add color through ceiling draping, linens, and backdrops as well as flowers. Colorful blooms can make a memorable statement.

In the Reception Rotunda of The Wedding Fair, Richfield Flowers and Events are the masters of the craft when it comes to offering floral design elements that add impact. Color plays a major role in the wedding from the very earliest stages of planning.  Black and white with pink—not just one shade, but three or four different shades of pink—will prove to be a favorite color combo over the next few years. Roses and orchids displayed in a more sculptured design at The Wedding Fair gave the black and white theme just the punch it needed to have it really pop! Pink flowers and silver candelabras, designed by Richfield Flowers and Events, matched the theme of a “Classical Wedding,” but with a more modern architectural approach.

Theme décor from specialty linens and flowers, to cakes and table accessories, make it fun to plan a wedding theme based on color alone.

Photo by Adrienne Page
Courtesy The Wedding Fair

“It needs to be cohesive and come together, almost like a musical piece flows when all the sections play together,” explains Wedding Guy Bruce Vassar. One piece is pretty on its own, but when the pieces are together, the room comes alive.

You can take certain aspects of the wedding, such as a particular flower or design elements of the gown, and create a gorgeous patterned cake. Elegant Confections at Bellaria Bakery created a black and white cake with rhinestone detailing, capturing the essence of the theme while keeping true to the shades of pink, artfully enhanced by flowers. The stationery for the place cards and menu cards, created by Give My Regards To…, added color and texture to the satin tablecloths and chair covers.

“The one element that place cards and menu cards give to an event is the formality of the occasion,” says Wedding Guy Matthew Trettel.

The Wedding Fair features a distinctive theme for each event and on March 18, The Wedding Guys will be presenting ideas to inspire the thoughts of “Retro Weddings.”

Look for a new twist on some ideas from the 60s and 70s.

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