Wedge Issue

Ken Liss of Premier Cheese Market in Minneapolis reveals his favorite beer-and-cheese pairings

[Beginning bottom left, moving clockwise.]

* Gouda—especially aged varieties—goes best with brown ales, amber ales, and porters.

* Washed-rind cheeses like Muenster or Taleggio pair well with India Pale Ale and darker beers.

* Soft-ripened cheeses, such as Brie, complement fruity, flavored beers, like Belgian Lambics.

* Young, fresh cheeses like chèvre or mozzarella work well with delicate brews, including pilsners and wheat beers.

* Blue cheese brings out the flavor of strong, sweet beers, such as Guinness.

* Cheddar, the most versatile of cheeses, works with any kind of beer.

* The nuttiness of Gruyère or Emmentaler enhances the same flavors in malts like Summit Oktoberfest, and other bock beers or dark lagers.