Welcome to the Jungle

Fire-eater from Bedlam Theatre.So I’m still not going to discuss how I plan to spend my summer, how I won’t be spending my summer, what I’m doing when I should be writing my blog, or what I’m not cool enough to be doing when not writing my blog.

That said, here’s what I’m doing: I’ve been asked to join the Minneapolis Arts Commission. They help decide what public art projects are created in the city, how the city can do better by its artists, and generally how we can continue to be known as a great city for art. I think we’re at a tipping point: our reputation as an arts town could Photo by Wing Young Huie, showcased at the Science Museum..scarcely be greater, so how do we sustain that and take advantage of it while ensuring that the artists behind it all can sustain themselves? What can or should we do about the fact, for instance, that the artist-generated hipness of N.E. Mpls means that studio buildings are being sold to condo developers?

By the way: if you could commission any piece of public art for the Twin Cities, what would it look like?

Recommendations this week: The Jungle Theater is opening its mountain-climbing play K2 on April 6, and has been offering free tickets to previews on April 4 and 5. Call the box office at 612-822-7063 to see if they have any left. I’m very curious to see how they’re going to stage avalanches in a theater.

Bedlam Theatre is currently holding its first show in its big new West Bank space. It involves fire-eating. What else do you want?

The race exhibit at the Science Museum. Go, see, discuss. And note the great photography of Wing Young Huie throughout.

Top: A fire eater from Bedlam Theatre. Bottom: Photo by Wing Young Huie.