What are the most important things to consider when hiring an architect to design my home?

Residential Design Portfolio: Make sure you’ve seen several samples of the architect’s work and love the results.

Client-Focused Approach: No two families are the same, which is why it’s essential the architect’s focus is on your needs, personal style and character, organizational habits, artistic desires, and how you operate as a family.  

Breadth of Architecture and Construction Knowledge: There are architects that can design a home but don’t know the first thing about how to build one. This lack of construction knowledge and experience can poorly affect the cost, scheduling, and quality of the home. 

Rapport: Many people make the mistake of ignoring personal chemistry when choosing an architect. Find someone with whom you feel comfortable. You will be working together for several months to design your dream home.  

—Peter Eskuche, AIA

Eskuche Design

Vice President of Design, Custom Homes Division
Nor-Son, Inc