When Should I Hire an Interior Designer?

Dear Expert: When should I consider hiring an interior designer for a new construction or remodeling project?

A. Right at the start! One mistake that I often see is homeowners who assume that interior designers can only assist with furnishings.  The best results occur when the interior designer collaborates with the homeowner, builder, and architect to ensure that the inside of the home works as well as the outside for the homeowner’s needs. This is done through developing a comprehensive master plan and taking advantage of the unique perspective that each of these professionals brings to the project.  A credentialed interior designer facilitates all visual aspects of the home’s development, ensuring that all spaces provide the necessary function while reflecting the clients’ personal tastes.

Expert Note: As a professional designer, I encourage my clients to be brutally honest in sharing their preferences and opinions during the collaboration process. After all, the project is really all about them!

—Cindy Abramovitz, Allied ASID
Gabberts Design Studio