Why do you live in MN?

A sweet Twin Cities video asks locals “Why We’re Here.” Watch and see if you agree.

In the midst of the most, well, wintry winter in decades, it’s a valid question to ask: Why, of all the places we could live, do we live in Minnesota?

It’s also, at least in the testimonials collected in this short film, rather reaffirming: Yes, there is a defensible rationale. A darn good one, in fact. Which may help explain why it’s caught fire on the Internet, or gone viral, or whatever metaphor you’d like: We need to collectively remind ourselves—and agree—on this stuff.

But the short documentary itself, called Why We’re Here, may be the best argument. It’s very well-made by locals Susan Bernstein and Mary McGreevy, reflecting the bounty of film talent here, and features a very engaging soundtrack by John Munson (Semisonic, Trip Shakespeare, etc.), the man recently described at a dialogue on Minnesota identity and the arts as the lynchpin of goodness in local arts: the Munson Quotient.

See if you agree with the agreeably diverse, attractive interviewees, then offer your own reasons in the comments.

Why We’re Here: Twin Cities from Seven and Sixty Productions on Vimeo.

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