Wilde Roast

Same old, lovely old

All anyone wants to know about the Wilde Roast’s move to sleepy old Riverplace in Minneapolis is: did they ruin it? So I’ll tell you right away: no, not at all. The budget coffee shop and restaurant, with its Edwardian antiques and cozy old-library style, has moved down to the Mississippi River, replacing Sophia (and Picosa, Yvette, and whatever else was in that prime-but- ever-failing bit of real estate with a view of the Minneapolis skyline and the river). In the move, Wilde Roast lost a bit of its interior style, but gained some indoor table seating, added a homemade-ice-cream counter, and snared a gorgeous patio. All in all, Wilde Roast lovers should rest easy: it’s as elegant and pretty a space as it ever was, except now it’s a very pretty room with an equally pretty view. Wilde Roast Cafe, 65 Main St. SE, Mpls., 612-331-4544, wilderoastcafe.com