World’s Biggest Spinning Top!

Okay, this is a little off the beaten path for a home/interior design blog, but this is just too fun not to mention. Gem Lake woodworker Tim Heil, who I’ve mentioned before for his decadent knobs, pool balls, and lathe-turned accoutrements has teamed up with fellow woodworker Bob Jensen of Coon Rapids to make the world’s largest spinning top. The two of them got on the idea after seeing photos of the record-holder, a 132.6 pounder that spun for 39 seconds in Dashi, Taiwan in 2005. The top they’ve been working on for several weeks is made of 32 layers of tightly glued medium-density fiberboard, and weighs 135 pounds. As per the rules, the Heil/Jensen top will be spun with just one person using a rope, and they’re going to give it a spin later this week before they paint it up like a hotrod.  “Just in case it takes out walls, we don’t want to chip the paint,” says Jensen. They hope to set the record at the Northern Woods Exhibition, at the Southdale Mall April 24 to 26. I’ll post more pics and details as I get them. Love it!