Would This Man Lie to You?

Meet Marty Kihn, the writer who inspired Showtime’s <br /> <em>House of Lies</em>

Marty Kihn moved to Minneapolis last fall (his wife, singer-songwriter Julia Douglass, is from Hopkins) and now works in digital marketing for Fallon. Before that, he wrote for Spy magazine, during the so-called “funny years” with Graydon Carter and Kurt Andersen at the helm, and for MTV’s Pop-Up Video show. In between, he was a management consultant—a professional liar, as he would put it.

Kihn wrote a book, House of Lies, about the experience and, starting in January, it became a Showtime series. Don Cheadle stars as a slicker, sexier Kihn (no offense, Marty) with Kristen Bell as his even sexier, blonder colleague at the hottest management consulting group around—“stealing your watch to tell you the time,” as Kihn says, when they’re not hanging out in strip clubs and spending other people’s money.

Watch the trailer and see if it doesn’t look like a lot of fun to get ripped off by these guys.

Kihn has written another book about being a jerk, A$$hole: How I Got Rich and Happy By Not Giving a Damn About Anyone, a chronicle of his attempt to bury his nice-guy persona in order to get a promotion. Here’s a hilarious compilation of promotional clips in which you can tell he’s not a jerk so much as a really, really clever nerd.

Kihn’s latest book, Bad Dog: A Love Story, came out last spring. It’s about coming to terms with his poorly behaved Bernese mountain dog and his own unfortunate behavior. Here, he explains the journey while walking the pooch in question around his new environs.


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