Wrap Dress to Home Collection: Diane Von Furstenberg

Bursting onto the fashion scene in 1972 with her iconic wrap dress, designer and entrepreneur Diane Von Furstenberg remains a symbol of cutting-edge style and independence. As part of the expansion of her global luxury lifestyle brand, Diane Von Furstenberg recently launched a home furnishings collection.

Von Furstenberg will introduce bedding, tabletop, and bath items under the name DVF Home Collection that promise the same fun-loving aesthetic as her fashion lines. “Instead of designing for the body, you are creating an environment. But it’s the same in terms of functionality and the need for it to be colorful, happy and harmonious,” said Furstenberg.

Shop one-of-a-kind duvets, tabletop and decorative Furstenberg accessories this spring 2011 at Bloomingdales.


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