Your Heart. Your Choice. Speak Up to Save Lives.



Why do you Go Red?

Local Women Speak Up by Volunteering 

Angela CraigAngela Craig

Vice President, Corporate Relations, St. Jude Medical
2010-2011 Twin Cities Chair, Go Red For Women Lunch & Learn Spouse, Mother, Volunteer

“To me, Go Red is a way to get involved personally in the battle against heart disease. I’ve experienced cardiac issues of my own and until then I wasn’t aware that heart disease was an issue for women, especially young women. I volunteer for Go Red, advocating in Washington for more government funding of research and raising funds locally as Chair of this year’s luncheon, because too many women still don’t know the risks associated with heart disease.”


Alyssa Marsh

Alyssa Marsh

Retail Merchandise Manager, Silver Jeans & Bootheel Trading Co. by Sheryl Crow
Adjunct Teacher, The Art Institutes International Minnesota
Go Red For Women, In-Coming Chair, Volunteer Ambassador’s Committee
Wife, Teacher, Volunteer

“I volunteer with the American Heart Association out of a deep passion to communicate to women and young adults to be advocates for their health. As women, often times we do not realize that heart disease is our No. 1 enemy and especially as young adults we tend to ignore the fact that heart disease has no age. My husband suffered a heart attack at age 30 and my mother struggled with painful heart issues for years before they were diagnosed. I volunteer as a ‘thank you’ to my mom. I want to encourage everyone to spread the word so every gender and age knows the effects of heart disease before it’s too late.” 


Patty PetersonPatty Peterson

Jazz Singer & Motivational Speaker
Go Red For Women Volunteer and Spokesperson
Wife, Mother, Grandmother, Volunteer, Heart Survivor

“I am an aortic dissection survivor. I have a new mechanical heart valve and partial mesh aorta. I feel like my life gets saved again and again because of the work Go Red has a part in. Without their fundraising efforts, there wouldn’t be the funding for research and education for emergency situations like mine.

Now, I get to continue being a mom, grandma, daughter, sister, friend. Go Red gives survivors; gives everyone a voice. Heart disease is the No. 1 killer of all women.1 in 3 will die from it. When I learned these statistics I made it my mission to help spread the word.


Tami KrauseTami Krause

Head Cheerleading Coach and Coordinator, Minnesota Vikings
Go Red For Women, Spokesperson and Past Chair, Volunteer Ambassadors Committee
Wife, Mother, Volunteer

“As a career woman, a former Mrs. Minnesota and mother of three young children (with another on the way), I totally understand how difficult it can be to find time to volunteer, but it is easier than you think and you can make a difference with even a small amount of time. The time you spend will be ‘paid back’ ten-fold and will be a testimony to your children.”



Marni Hughes Marni Hughes

FOX 9 News Anchor
Go Red For Women Spokesperson
Wife, Mother, Volunteer

‘I volunteer for Go Red because spreading the word about heart disease can save lives! The more people know about the risks, the more they can change their habits and lifestyle. That means healthier, happier people, living longer lives, and spending time with the people they care about the most.

Heart disease runs in my family and because of that I’m at risk and my kids are at risk. I choose to Go Red to set an example for my children.”



Keilee-Rae Miller

Keilee-Rae Miller

Book Keeper, Good Earth Restaurant
Go Red For Women 2010 Twin Cities Casting Call Winner and Spokesperson
Wife, Volunteer, Heart Transplant Survivor

“I have a personal connection because of my own congenital heart defect and the heart transplant that saved my life on March 31, 2010. I have begun a journey that has put me in contact with many wonderful people who share in this fight against heart disease. Go Red is a way for me and all women to come together and not be afraid to tell their stories, ask their questions about heart disease and know that there is a true sense of understanding, compassion and gratefulness for them. If I can be an inspiration to someone who needs an ear to listen, a voice to hear, a hug for support, or just another person who has been through what they are going through, then it’s important to me to help in whatever way I can.”