You're Invited to Tea at the Grand Hand

Gourd teapot by
Richard Bresnahan

A gap between exhibitions led the folks at the Grand Hand Gallery in St. Paul to shake things up a bit. Though the gallery typically features a small handful of artists for a longer run, Mother’s Day weekend kicked off the first-annual Teapot Invitational featuring work from more than 20 artists.

The teapot allows potters to create a more complex form than a cup or bowl, says gallery manager Susan Clayton. “It is an opportunity for the artist to demonstrate their expertise and to really explore the sculptural possibilities of a functional piece.”

The Invitational showcases some of Grand Hand’s most frequent local contributors, as well as work from artists based in Massachusetts, Arizona, and Vermont, all exploring the sculptural possibilities of these functional pieces.

With Tea Source as a co-sponsor, each purchase gets you sample teas and a gift certificate to stock up on other tea accoutrements. The event goes through May 29th, so be sure to stop in and check it out. Get a sneak peek at some of the pieces below.

From Margaret Bohls’
Black and White Ware series

By Guillermo Cueller


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